The Other Dude: Meet Jeff Trelewicz

With me today is my friend and business partner Jeff Trelewicz.  Jeff, let’s pick your mind a little bit shall we:

Easy question first, why did you start writing?

I started writing when I was very young. I realized I couldn’t draw (even though I do attempt at that from time to time as well) so I started writing short stories. I want to say I started when I was in the fourth grade or so. I can’t imagine what I wrote about then, but I always excelled at creative writing

So was there a writer (current or past) that inspired you?

As far as a novelist? I don’t think so. I have been told that some of my screenplays remind people of Kevin Smith, which I took as a huge compliment. He is my favorite director and since he writes his own movies, I guess you can say he is my favorite screenwriter as well.

You’ve had to read some books man!  If you could recommend a book you’ve read to anyone, what book would it be and why?

I really enjoyed the book “Bleachers” by John Grisham. It is a very different Grisham book, it doesn’t involve a court case at all. It is a very easy read, but definitely insightful. I enjoy a lot of Grisham books. I also really enjoyed Stephen King’s “11/22/63” about the Kennedy assasination.

Our name is Two Dudes, Brews, & Books: Domestic or foreign beers, your thoughts and opinions.

Mostly domestic. I enjoy Budweiser products. I enjoy Rolling Rock. In the last few years I have been experimenting more with different beers. I like Kirin, which is a beer from Japan. And you can never go wrong with Guiness either.

Back to book related topics again before we get too far off.  You just finished “Everything Comes Full Circle.”  Does it feel like saying goodbye to an old friend when you finally move on?

Yeah, it was definitely hard to say goodbye to the characters. I started the characters many years ago, and when I came back to them I had changed so much so they did too. It was definitely not easy to write the last few pages. The last few pages dealt with a lot of emotions, both on the page and for the writer.

Speaking of, what are your next project(s)?

I am working on two seperate projects. One is a short story that I am hoping I will have enough material for. If not, I will save it for an anthology. The second project is much different. It is a story about two groups of friends who make a bet with each other. One group has to prove the existance of aliens in the world. The other has to prove the existance of ghosts. It is a completely 360 degrees from “Everything Comes Full Circle”. I just started it a few days ago but enjoying it very much. Ghost hunting is a hobby of mine so I am glad to put it on paper.

Ghosts… oh Jeff.  Was is the Boilermaker that did you in?  Wait don’t answer that.  I don’t need to hear that pity story again.  You have a blog too.  What’s the address and what can people expect when they go over to it?

You mean when you poisened me?  I digress though, on I wrote about the characters from “Everything Comes Full Circle”. I walked the readers through my hopes for the book. I plan to do the same for “Paranormal Contact” as well.

We both love our beer, but if you had to pick another “spirit” (I know, terrible ghost joke), what would it be?

Captain Morgan has been my choice for a while now. Most people drink rum or whiskey with Coke. I do from time to time but I also like it with Dr. Pepper. It adds a special kick to it.

Well, it is time to wrap this up.  Anything you want to leave the readers with as we finish the blog?

The most important thing I want to leave the readers with is to keep your eyes on us. There are a lot of exciting things happening for Two Dudes, Brews and Books in 2015 and beyond. Thanks for reading everybody!



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