Surprise! The Cactus Killer – Chapter 6

So, imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up and checked my email.  The first one I had was from a reader of the blog.  She said she was enjoying the chapters but that last week I only posted one.  She asked that I make up for this by posting a few more this week.  To that reader, you asked for it so you get it!  If anyone else wants to email me, feel free to drop me a line at

We left off with Vic and Liz getting ready for a car chase.  Let’s see what happens in…


Chapter 6

 I had Elizabeth call Billy and brief him on the situation as I was caught up in the moment. It had been a good long time since I was able to chase a fleeing suspect and I was enjoying it. The SUV had turned south on the old auxiliary road into town and I knew exactly where they were going. At the end of this road was the silver mine that still was in use. Little known fact about werewolves is that even though we have a silver allergy, we are pretty good at working with the metal. Some of the finest silver jewelry you’ve seen probably came from our town.

“Just how far does this little dirt road go, Vic?”

I looked over and my new partner was clinging for dear life to whatever she could get her hands on. “Come on, this is the fun part!” She didn’t seem to be having fun. “This road ends at the silver mine, maybe another two miles down the road. I plan to catch them before they get there.”

In front of us was a good straight stretch that I could use to my advantage. With dirt and rocks flying all over the place, I was giving Elizabeth the real deal. All that was missing was some tumbleweed rolling across the desert.

I pushed down on the accelerator and made my final push. We were getting close when the passenger stuck his head out the window and lowered his rifle at my car. I swerved out of the way at the last minute and the shot missed, but he succeeded in slowing us down. No matter, I knew where there were going.

“On second thought, we are just going to tail them to the mine. We can get them inside and corner them.” I didn’t hear a response so I looked over. Her eyes were closed but she was nodding at me.

We managed to make up some ground and got to the mine just as they were fleeing the SUV. The guy with the rifle fired in our direction again, but due to him trying to run at the same time, missed. I hopped out and got two shots off and clipped the driver in the leg. Not enough to put him down, but I slowed him up to a limp as they fled into the mine opening.

Elizabeth, by this time, was walking up beside me. “Ugh, look at my shoes! Sheriff, I am charging your town for my dry cleaning and shoe polishing!”

“If we catch this guy now, I will pay just about any bill you want. One of those asshats nearly took my head off this morning.”

“Just how deep is this mine?”

The old stories told us that it went almost to the center of the earth. Obviously that was a load of shit, but I figured it went on for quite a ways. “I’m sure it goes down pretty far. Did Billy say how long before back up will be here?”

“William told me to tell you it would be twenty to thirty minutes before he and Detective Jacobs would arrive on scene. What should we do?”

“I’m not the most patient of men. Let’s go give the visitors a proper welcome. Are you onboard with that, Ambassador?”

Her smile scared me. For the first time since I met her, I saw her fangs in their full glory and they were blasted Bowie knives. Just as I was about to comment on it, I noticed that her eyes had turned red too. I figured it was time to keep the wit to a minimum.

I reloaded Roscoe and put an extra handful of bullets in my pocket. Every bullet I own is silver. So it didn’t matter if these bozos were human, werewolf, or vampire; these bullets would hurt. I gave the signal and we made our want into the mine as well. I was about to curse myself for not grabbing a flashlight, when a light shined brightly behind me.

“What in blue blazes is that?” Was she holding up her cell phone?

“It is a flashlight app. Someone here has to be prepared.”

Fair enough, so I nodded and we kept walking. Between the blood and the musky odor, this was almost too easy to track these guys. They were still moving quite quickly for one of them being injured, but the two of us were catching up. Within five minutes I could actually hear them breathing heavily.

“They are right up there, maybe just a few hundred feet in front of us in the mine shaft.” I tried to whisper, but I also needed her to hear me.

“What do you suggest we do?”

“We should be cautious how many shots we take, or it might cause the mine to cave in on us. We need to try and get these guys talking. Maybe disarm them or if we are lucky they will slip and tell us what’s going on.”

“I will follow your lead, Sheriff.”

We kept walking and came to a large cavern, one of the earlier sites where they excavated the silver. I could smell both of them clearly now. They were hiding at the back of the cavern, behind an old mine cart on the makeshift track.

“This is Sheriff Victor Inglewood of the Full Moon Police Department. You have nowhere to go, so I suggest you surrender without further violence.”

“You shall not command us, daemon! Your kind has no place amongst the righteous!”

Oh great, religious fanatics. “Listen up, at least one of you is injured and within five minutes, this entire mine will be surrounded. I am giving you one last chance to come out peacefully.”

My answer was another rifle shot. Again, I was able to see the shooter pop out and grabbed cover before the shot ever got off, but I took that as his answer.

“They do not seem to want to cooperate, Vic. What is plan B?”

I never liked to use lethal force, but unfortunately this situation didn’t lend me much choice. “It’s not ideal, but I think we might need to use lethal force. Let us hope the autopsies can give us some information, because they aren’t.”

Elizabeth nodded and once again her eyes went red and her fangs came into full view. I cocked Roscoe and it was time to make a move. With my gun, I pointed it at her to go to the left and I would go to the right. If I could get these two to focus on me, maybe she could incapacitate them.

I carefully walked down the cave wall, closer to where these guys were holed up. I only caught glimpses of shadows, but I had a feeling Elizabeth was much closer than I. To give her a better chance, I took a shot at their direction. The shot ricocheted off the cart they were clutching behind and they scurried to get a better position to shoot at me. Taking the cue, I got behind a small mass of rocks and prepared myself for a shootout.

The first rifle shot went high and I thought it was a mistake until I heard rocks falling from the ceiling. I dove out of the way but they were able to get another shot off with a smaller pistol and clipped me in the shoulder. It didn’t get too deep but it sure did sting. I fired another shot while the guy was reloading and hit him in the arm. He went down and the rifle man was about to return fire when my vampire friend made her move.

It was over quickly. The shooter with the pistol tried to fire once more but a short quick scream told me his life was now over. The second goon with the rifle tried to make a run for it, but I put another bullet in his leg. He dropped like a sack of potatoes and I walked over to him.

“It’s over, so drop the rifle.”

He dropped the rifle alright and opened up his vest. This dude was strapped down with so much TNT; he could put a hole in heaven. “You are right daemon, it is over!”

I didn’t have time to think. I put two in him before he had time to activate the bomb. I was upset that it had come to this, but I took some relief in the fact that this guy was planning on dying anyway.

“Are you okay, Vic?”

“Yeah, I’m just disappointed that we couldn’t get either guy out of here alive.” I looked down one last time and there was a smile on his face. The air was filled with the musky scent too. This was the guy that attacked her the other night.

“So we killed The Cactus Killer, as your mayor dubbed him?”

Could it really have been that easy? “We killed someone alright. I’m just not ready to call this the serial killer.”

“Did you notice these two were human?”

I did. Their reflexes during the brief shootout told me as much. They were able to clip me, but once they were out in the open, they never stood a chance. “Well, let’s get out here and get the medical examiner down here to collect the bodies.”

We were about halfway back up the mine tunnel when Billy came flying around the corner. “Sheriff, Ambassador are you two okay?”

“Yeah we are fine Billy, though I can’t say much about the guys that took a shot at us this morning. Their bodies are back a little ways in one of the mining caverns.”

This didn’t calm him down at all. “Thank God, you are! I need you both to come with me right now!”

I looked at him for a second. “Billy, calm down man. Just what the hell has you all riled up?”

“You remember the Alvarez case?” I nodded for him to continue. “They just found his body about thirty minutes from here. He was shot up with silver bullets and a cactus branch was stuck to his face.” 


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