The Truth Behind the Valkyrie


Hey Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike!  Guess what day it is?!  Okay, so yeah happy hump day people.  I hope everyone has been relaxing and escaping the summer heat.  I’ve lived in Florida for twelve years now and the heat still gets me.  That’s probably why my fridge is always filled with ice-cold beer.

I’ve avoided a topic for a good long time now because well I can, but I guess i should go ahead and address it.  In my Ragnarök on Ice series, the Valkyrie is a single character which is completely different from the myth.  I’ve gotten emails from readers, friends of mine have questioned it, and yesterday a very honest and good reviewer called me on the carpet about it.  So here I am today giving my explanation and then I’ll let you judge if it’s a good one or not.


As many of you know, I wrote Power Play a long time ago.  I was in the middle of a mythology class at UCF and my professor challenged us to delve deeper into the myths and legends, to really interact with them.  I wanted to build a modern take on the old legend, so I crafted my own interpretations of the gods, giving them personalities that I hoped were close to accurate, but also different enough to stand alone.

When it came time to incorporate the Einjerhar and the Valkyries, I guess you could say I cheated and rolled all the female warriors into one stand alone character.  My writing skills were still pretty raw and one singular Valkyrie was easier to add to the story than a bunch of them.  When my professor asked me why I took that path, I gave him pretty much the same reasons I am giving you today.  He understood and rolled with it.

Flash forward to December 2013 when I began re-reading the book.  Could I have changed it to fit the mythology better?  Sure, but I also wanted to keep the integrity of the story I wrote way back when.  I had put so much time and effort into this book that I would;ve felt guilty changing it.  Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I could’ve tightened up areas that were a bit weak, but I stand behind my decision.

I hope after reading this, you can all forgive me for taking liberties with the actual myths.  I also hope you can really enjoy the stories, because I had a blast writing them.  If you’d like to debate this more with me, shoot me an email, and I’d be happy to talk at lengths about Norse mythology.


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