Character Interview #1: Victor Inglewood (The Inglewood Chronicles)

JC: Welcome back to the blog.  Joining me today is the main character from The Inglewood Chronicles, the man the series was named after, Victor Inglewood.  Good afternoon Vic!

VI: Thanks for having me today Jeremy!

JC: So, fans out there have read about your adventures in both New Mexico and England.  Care to give us any inside information about either case?

VI: Well the first one, with the serial killer Warren Tucker took a lot out of me.  That guy was ruthless man.  However, nothing could’ve prepared me for what happened in London.  That was some messed up stuff.

JC: In London we meet a vampire that calls himself Peter Pan.  What can you tell us about him?

VI: He’s a real nasty SOB.  He was turned as a young teenager and turned vampires don’t age.  Over the years, he lost track of his sanity and became the little monster we know him as today.

JC: Let’s turn to a better topic.  You’re actually dating your boss, right?

VI: Oh God, you’re going to get me in trouble man.  Liz and I have a very good and close relationship.  She’s just about everything that a guy would want in a lady.

JC: You avoided the question…

VI: We might be in the start of something, but that’s all I can say.

JC: I’ll be having her as a guest soon, so if you don’t want to man up, I’ll just ask her.

VI: Fine, yes we’re dating.

JC: Good man, that wasn’t so hard was it?

VI: Listen, she’s over a thousand years old and as deadly as they come.  When dealing with vampires, you really need to make sure you think about everything you say.

JC: I know our time is short and you gotta get back to your investigations, but before we go, do you have a second for rapid fire questions?

VI: Yeah, I got a few minutes.

JC: Favorite brand of beer?

VI: I’m cheap so Miller Light.

JC: How do you cook your steak?

VI: Medium rare.

JC: Worse to deal with, Pan or Tucker?

VI: Pan, by far.

JC: Phoenix, AZ or Full Moon, NM?

VI: Phoenix, as that’s where Liz lives.

JC: Last one, Diamondbacks or Coyotes?

VI: I love baseball, so Diamondbacks!

JC: Victor, it’s been a pleasure man.  Good luck with whatever is coming next for you.

VI: Thanks for having me.  And good luck to you when Liz comes to the office for her interview…

*You can catch up on all of Vic’s adventure @


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