Character Interview #2: Loki (Ragnarok on Ice)

JC: Today on the blog, we have one of the more popular figures in Norse Mythology Loki!  Good morning and welcome.

LK: How did I get swindled into doing this again?

JC: Hey man, I can’t help it you’re a terrible poker player.  Anyways, the people out in Internetland would like to get to know you better.

LK: Hmph, this seems like a waste of time, but very well.

JC: Let’s start with the elephant in the room.  You got a pretty bad rap due to some unfortunate circumstances with the other Aesir…

LK: I cannot help it if those fools have no sense of humor.  None of my jokes were malicious, just fun.  Especially the time I ruined Sif’s hair.  That was particularly funny.

JC: The first time we meet you, you end up sending Jack Skelton to Asgard along with your brother Thor.  Obviously you didn’t mean to get Jack sucked up into this, or did you?

LK: Nothing I do is without careful calculations, except that one time I blew up half of Sigyn’s apple orchard.  But if we do not count that, then everything I do is for a reason.

JC: How about the time you got captured by the ice giant Geirrod?  Was that a calculated decision?

LK: Of course it was!  I had everything under control, even without Thor’s help.

JC: That’s not how I recall things, but if you say so.  Another question for you is about your three kids; Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungandr.  They’re not exactly normal…

LK: Of course not, their mother was an ice giant.  Bad things tend to happen when you cross races like that.

JC: Sigyn was cool with your baggage of monster kids?

LK: She was too enchanted by me to even notice that two of my children were ‘monsters.’

JC: She’s right backstage, so we can ask her…

LK: If you value your life, you will only ask me questions.

JC: Point taken.  Can you turn off your fire hands out before you burn down my studio?

LK: Is this meaningless interview almost over?

JC: It sure is, but before we go, how about a few quick questions.

LK: I bore of this, so they better be good.

JC: Favorite pastime?

LK: Finding new ways to annoy Thor.

JC: Dark elves or ice giants?

LK: Ice giants.

JC: My smartest child is…

LK: Hel, sorry Fenrir and Jormungandr.

JC: Last one – Favorite alias?

LK: Easy, being FBI Agent Lowkey.  Humans are so easy to mess with.

JC: That’s all the time we have today.  Thanks for not killing all of us!

LK: I have not left yet, so there is still time to change my mind…

*You can read all about Loki’s mischief in the Ragnarök on Ice series @



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