Character Interview #3: Shawn Christopher (Paranormal Contact Vol. 1)

JC: Welcome Shawn, how are you doing today?

SC: You know me, I’m always doing all right.

JC: We do know you from Paranormal Contact Vol. 1.  Tell everyone how exactly you got into investigating the weird and freaky.

SC: One day, me and this girl I was seeing were walking down the beach.  We saw what looked like a person walking towards us and then BOOM!  Out of no where he vanished.  It freaked her out but I thought it was cool, so i wanted to find out more.

JC: You want us to believe you saw a ghost on a beach?

SC: Dude?  It totally happened!

JC: I’ll admit there is stuff that happens that’s not normal, but you really believe there are ghosts among us?

SC: Yeah I do.  Where do you think dead people go?

JC: Fair enough.  Now you and your friend Brad go looking for UFO’s in Arizona.  Did you see anything?

SC: Yeah we saw lots of things.  We met some hot girls and met two jackasses… wait a minute… what did you say your name was?

JC: Jeremiah Crostonium.  A very uncommon name.

SC: Oh okay… you looked kinda familiar.  As far as UFO’s, yeah we saw things.  I had to concede that Jason and Greg won our little bet though.  I’m not entirely convinced but i was feeling generous that day.

JC: I like to ask some lightning questions to end my interviews.  You up for a few?

SC: Fire away.

JC: Blondes or brunettes?

SC: Both – but if pushed blondes.

JC: Jason or Greg?

SC: Neither! ::mumbles::  Jason.

JC: Pick one place in the world to go hang out.

SC: Where the hot girls are duh!  The beach.

JC: Last one, your favorite move is…

SC: Poltergeist.

JC: Well that wraps up another interview.  As always I’m Jeremy Croston, hanging out with Shawn Christopher today.  Tomorrow we have Derrick Grimm from the Grimm’s Reapers joining us so stay tuned for that!

SC: Wait?  What did you say your name was again?

JC: So long sucker!  Got you again jerk face!

SC: ::yelling:: I knew it was you! You and Jack better watch out!  Brad and I are coming for you!

*Want to know why Shawn is so mad at me?  Curious to know if him and his buddies find the proof that the paranormal do exist?  Pick up your copy of Paranormal Contact Vol. 1 @

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