Character Interview #4: Derrick Grimm (Grimm’s Reapers)

JC: Today’s interview is going to be a phone interview from the great country of Mexico!  Derrick, are you there?

DG: Yep, you’re coming in loud and clear.

JC: Excellent!  Let’s get right to the tough question.  Derrick Grimm is just an alias right?  You’re real name is…

DG: I’m the Horseman Death.  It’s not a giant secret, but I do prefer to be called Derrick.

JC: I can respect that.  So Derrick, you’ve been on quite a few adventures over the many many years.  Do you have a favorite country or even time period?

DG: I love America!  I wear the stars and stripes whenever I can.  As for favorite time period, probably the American Revolution.  Did you know I was good friends with George Washington?

JC: Whoa – that’s cool.  What’s George like?

DG: He’s really big.  The guy had to be easily 6’3, 6’4 and well over two bills.  In the late 1700’s, he was considered a giant.

JC: I did not know that.

DG: Real quick, the weirdo Shawn you had on yesterday?

JC: Yeah, what about him?

DG: He’s right.  There are all sorts of weird things in this world, including ghosts.

JC: Considering I’m talking to Death, I’m inclined to have a more enlightened view on certain subjects…

DG: You played soccer growing up right?

JC: Yeah I did.  I played all the way through my college years.

DG: I love soccer.  I especially love the women of soccer.  Were you a hit amongst the ladies?

JC: I’m a goalkeeper, we aren’t considered prime real estate.  That goes to the playmakers, like forwards and attacking midfielders.

DG: Ahh yes, well your position in important.  So is there anything else you can tell me about you?

JC: Well I’m living in Florida now, and have a wonderf… hey wait a minute, I’m supposed to ask you the questions!

DG: Oh sorry, I get a little carried away at times.  A side effect of being as old as time itself I guess.

JC: That’s an interesting point.  Who created you?

DG: The Almighty, duh.

JC: That makes sense.  I think we will go right into the lightning round as we’re running short on time.  Up first, worst kind of demon is…

DG: Pride demons.  Those guys are a$%holes.

JC: Who’s your best friend?

DG: Khloros, my horse.  He’s smarter than me.

JC: Favorite pastime?

DG: Getting to know the ladies of the world ::winkwink::

JC: Last one, my next adventure will be…

DG: Epic.  I can’t say much, but expect even crazier crap to happen.

*Derrick Grimm knows George Washington?  How is that even possible?  I guess you’ll have to ready for yourself @


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