Character Interview #5: Azmodeous (Ragnarok on Ice) *Spoiler alert*

JC: Good morning and thanks for tuning in to your daily CI.  This week we’re going to be featuring all of those lovable villains from different books and with me today is Azmodeous (boooooooooo)!  Welcome to the blog.

AZ: Another vile human for me to deal with…

JC: Let’s ignore that comment and jump into the interview.  My first question is you spend a good deal of Power Play: Ragnarok on Ice disguised as a dark elf.  If you hate them so much, why take all that time looking like one?

AZ: You fool!  In order to cause the maximum amount of turmoil, I gained the trust of those naive elves and ruined them!  I would not expect a human like you to understand the complexities of warfare in the realms.

JC: ::shakes head::  I can’t believe i agreed to interview you.

AZ: You are in the presence of a god filthy rodent!  Treat me with the respect of my station!

JC: Okay okay, just put the giant glowing sceptre down.  Back on topic here, you aren’t a big fan of Jack Skelton, right?

AZ: That miserable spawn of Fenrir?  The realms would be a much better place if he burned in the fires of Muspelheim.

JC: Don’t hold back on me now Azmody.  Is there anyone you particularly like?

AZ: I see tools to be used.  I will continue to recruit said instruments until that fool Odin has parished and a new age has begun!

JC: Are you trying to start Ragnarök?

AZ: From the ashes of one rises another.  If that is what it takes to usher in a new age, one filled with the gloriousness of me as the sole ruler, then so it will be.

JC: On that happy note, are you ready for some lightning round questions?

AZ: I will do nothing associated with that mule Thor!

JC: Err, no, ummm, let’s just call it a day shall we?

AZ: Humans of Midgard, know that your end is coming soon!  Flock like livestock to slaughter as your superiors are coming!

JC: ::under breath:: Oh man, whose bright idea was it to do a villains week?

*Does Azmodeous succeed in starting Ragnarök?  Will we all be slaughter like cows?  Find out everything and more in the Ragnarök on Ice series @ (companion novellas free this week too!)


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