Character Interview #6: Peter Pan

*Author note – This interview was done late last night

JC: Good evening everyone and welcome back to the show. Tonight’s blog has a very special guest, one who can’t be out in the sun, the vampire kid himself, Peter Pan!

PP: I appreciate the enthusiasm of my arrival.  I might not make a meal out of you yet.

JC: That would be lovely.  So you’re based in London, right?

PP: I am currently.  Before this, I was stuck on a hell hole called Neverland.  Nothing like in the kid’s stories, that’s a fact.

JC: What sort of stuff was on Neverland?

PP: Crap right outta your nightmares.  I’d rather not talk about it.  Let’s talk about those morons who marooned me there.

JC: That would be a vampire named Roderick, correct?  Why did he do that?

PP: I guess because he has a thing against me feeding on humans.  What’s the point of being an apex predator if you can’t feed on the prey?

JC: My wife and I watched Shark Week not that long ago.  The same theory applies with them.  Go in the ocean and you might get eaten.

PP: That’s exactly my point!  Listen people, nothing good happens after midnight, especially in London.

JC: So now you’re free and I’m guessing pretty pissed.  Where do you go from here?

PP: I can’t reveal my plan or else my boss will kill me.  What I can say is hell is about to come to London and everyone should fear the wrath of Pan.

JC: Nice plug by the way.  Before you go and terrorize the city, got time for the lightning round?

PP: Eh, why not?

JC: O or AB?

PP: That’s like asking if I want filet mignon or a t-bone.

JC: You’re favorite weapon is…

PP: My trusty dagger.  They got that part right.

JC: Worst part about being a vampire?

PP: I’m stuck in my fifteen year old body forever.

JC: Best part about being a vampire?

PP: I do whatever I want.

JC: Last one – Who is the Hammer of Jehovah?

PP: What?  How do you know about him?

JC: Wait, no, that question wasn’t one of mine!  ::garbled screams…then silence::

PP: I think this interview is over.

*Just how ruthless is Pan?  And who is this mysterious Hammer of Jehovah?  The answers lie in the 2nd book of The Inglewood Chronicles – The Wrath of Pan.  Get a copy @


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