The Puck Stops Here! #2

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Rock music is the best thing in the world to keep your energy up.  That and a good comic book.  Fortunately, I had both to keep me entertained during the intermission.  My favorite band, The Yahoo Search Engines, were just getting to the good part when I was rudely interrupted by Darren pulling my headphones off.

“Earth to Jimmy – are you paying attention?!”

“Dude, Darren, not cool!”  I put down the latest issue of The Negative Man and gave him the evil eye.  “No one wants to listen to you for ten minutes!”  I looked around the room,

“Am I right guys?”

The rest of the team murmured with agreement, but that only furthered Darren’s annoyance with me.  “Oh, so I guess getting the chance to ask Sunny out isn’t all that important to you…”

“Wait, no one said that!”  I plucked my headphones off and tossed them into my bag.  “What do we need to do El Capitan?”

The rest of the intermission was spent listening to Darren go on and on about different strategies.  My eyes might’ve been open, but I was fast asleep by the time the horn sounded ending the break.

Apparently my teammates had listened and listened well because we were no longer losing.  After fifteen minutes, we’d managed to tie the score six to six.  The November Reign were marching towards victory and closer to getting me a date with the very beautiful Sunny Day!

As the last minutes of the game wound down, I hit the ice with Darren, looking to win this thing!  Our goalie, Adam Baum, made a sweet save and passed the puck up to Darren.  I turned the jets on and caught up to him in no time.  As we crossed into the other team’s (yeah I still don’t know there name) zone, I got a beautiful pass from Darren.

A shimmy to the left and a shake to the right set me up for a perfect shot.  Winding up, I hit the puck as hard as I could.  The shot was true, heading up towards the top left corner of the goal.  There was no way their goalie would be able to stop it.  The clock was ticking down to zero, we were going to win the game!

Then the puck… hit… the… post…


The game ended and we tied six to six.  I looked up in the stands and Sunny had already left.  Darren skated over and bonked my helmet with his gloved hand.  “Sorry man.  Maybe next time.”

“Yeah… next time…”

**After such heartbreak, what will Jimmy Blades do?  And will he ever remember the name of the team he was playing against?  Stay tuned next week for the next installment of The Puck Stops Here!


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