The Puck Stops Here! #3

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I barely made it to work on time the next morning.  And no, I wasn’t up all night pining the lost chance at asking Sunny out.  Don’t think you know me!

Mr. Crasnick gave me that look when I walked in.  “Jimmy, just because the store opened at 11 am doesn’t mean that’s what time you’re supposed to get here…”

One of the reasons I took the job at Crasnick’s Music and Movies were the awesome hours:  11 am to 7 pm.  Apparently I missed the memo on what time I was actually supposed to get there by.  “The important thing is I’m here.  Let’s work with the positives, shall we?”

He shook his head and went to the back office.  I put on my name tag and went to work listening to all the latest and greatest rock songs on the past three decades.  I was rudely interrupted when someone had the nerve to want to buy something.

“Excuse me, but do you actually work here?”

I spun on my seat, ready to fire back with an awesome retort when I saw it was a girl.  She was wearing a hoodie and had on some pretty rad designer glasses.  Being a gentleman, “Yeah, I work here.  I’m Jimmy.”

“What can you tell me about Nuclear Death Watch?  Are they as good as everyone claims them to be?”

I took the CD from her hand and put it back.  “Nah, they’re overrated.  If you listen closely, you can tell their guitarist plays the same five riffs over and over again.”

From there I guided her back to the more classic of rock.  Plucking another CD, “Try these guys, Phantom Apocalypse.  Their drummer, Jack Clubs is the man!  These guys always get me psyched up for my hockey games!”

She took the CD from me and smiled back.  “I think I’ll give your recommendation a shot.”

As we walked back up to the front to check out, “So what’s your name?  Are you new to town?”

“Yeah, I just moved here a week ago.  Took a job at the IT firm downtown.”  She smiled and then realized she hadn’t introduced herself.  “I’m Stormy, Stormy Waters.  And if this CD is any good, I think we should hang out.”

**Who is this new girl and why on Earth would she want to hang out with Jimmy Blades?  And will things get Stormy for Jimmy, or are Sunnier things on the horizon?  Stay tuned next week, for The Puck Stops Here! #4…


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