Midseason Special – The Puck Stops Here! #5 (Part 1)

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#5 – Part 1

I was late, real late for coffee with Stormy.  This also meant I was going to be super late for hockey practice.  I ran as fast as I could into Café Frappe, tripping like a nerd.

“Jimmy?!  Are you okay?”

I looked up and saw Stormy staring at me.  She looked really different.  “Hey, you don’t have your glasses on!”

Her face turned a bit red.  “Well no, I only wear them from time to time.  I don’t particularly care for them.”

“I like ’em, they make you like sophisticated.”  She reached out and gave me a helping up back up.  “Sorry for being a bit late.”

“Something tells me that’s not out of the ordinary for you.”  She gave me a smile that made me feel a bit better about falling like a dofus.  “I ordered us each a Frappe Ole.  The barista said it was the best drink on the menu.”

That they were!  “Did you get whipped topping too?”

“Of course!”

I pulled out the Evil Dark Elves cds I snagged from the store.  “You’ll really like these, trust me on that!”

Stormy took them and put them in her jacket.  “Thanks Jimmy.  How much do I owe you for them?”

“Owe me?  They’re on the house!  I just used some of my store credit with old man Crasnick.  It’s no biggie…”

Our drinks came and we sat there talking over the deliciousness of the Ole.  Stormy it turned out was a super cool girl.  She’s totally into music and was the bassist for a garage rock band in high school.  Yes sir, a very awesome lady indeed!

We’d been chatting for quite a bit when I noticed my watch read 8:45 p.m.  “Holy crap, I’m so late!  Darren’s going to kill me!”

“Did you ride your bike over?”

“Yeah, that’s the most reliable transportation in town!”

As we left the café, Stormy pointed to a vintage and totally rocking Beetle parked on the street.  “I can give you a life if you want?”

Who was I to turn down a free ride?  “That’s be great!”

By car, the rink was only fine minutes from Café Frappe.  As we drove, she popped in the Evil Dark Elves and we started rocking out.  It was a shame when we came to a stop in the rink’s parking lot.  “This is your stop.”

“Thanks Stormy, this was really cool of you to do.”

“Well go have fun and maybe I’ll see you around…?”

I got out and grabbed my bag.  Sticking my head back in the window, “Yeah, come on down to the store anytime to hang out!”

She drove off and I ran into the rink to get changed.  By the time I got to the ice, Darren was in full angry beast mode.  “JIMMY!!! What part of 8:30 don’t you understand?!”

As the rest of the team was trying not to laugh, “Oh boy, this is going to be a LONG practice, isn’t it?”

**Will Darren kill Jimmy for being late (probably not the first time)?  Does Jimmy have any clue that Stormy likes him (someone should check the poor girl for a concussion)?  Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of the epic midseason spectacular of The Puck Stops Here! #5…


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