Midseason Special – The Puck Stops Here! #5 (Part 2)

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#5 – Part 2

It’d been along two hours.  The rink was getting ready to close, yet good old Darren was still taking us to task.  “Our skating and passing is super sloppy!  Our next game is against The Rubber Puckies and last time out they kicked our butts in!”

Don’t let the team name fool you, those guys were really good.  “Dude, Darren, we’ll be fine…”

“You’re not allowed to speak Jimmy!”  His eyes went all big and red.  “Everyone, practice again tomorrow night, at 8:30.”  The last line was directed completely at me.

We slumped off to the locker room to get showered and changed.  The entire time we were in there, I thought about the note Sunny had given me to pass on to Spike.  Maybe, just maybe if I called her instead, she’d be secretly surprised and excited.

So yeah, I didn’t give Spike the number.  By the time I walked back down to Café Frappe to get my bike, I’d built up enough courage to call Sunny myself.  I sat my bag down by my bike and pulled out my cell phone.

With great trepidation, I dialed the number and slightly gasped when it started ringing.  One, two rings later, the voice of my angel answered.  “Hello?”

“Hey Sunny it’s Jimmy!  How are ya?”

Her voiced took a confused tone.  “Jimmy?  Why are you calling me?”

Was she happy I called?  “I just thought maybe you’d rather hear from me than Spike.  I mean, honestly, I think I’d want to hear from me.”  Oh no, I was rambling!

“Ohhh…”  I didn’t like that.  “Jimmy, I, well I don’t see you in that way.  You’re more like a brother to me.  You know, since you’ve been Darren’s friend for so long.”

“I see.”  In the silence I could hear my heart breaking.  “Well I apologize for this late evening telephone call.  Good night Sunny.”

“Jimmy, wait…”  I had no interest in hearing how good a friend I was.  I clicked the red button to end the call.  Hoping back on my bike, I rode back to my apartment.

Sunny tried to call me back twice on my ride home, but I didn’t want to talk.  Instead, I opened up my fridge, grabbed two frozen pizzas and a two liter bottle of soda.  The girl of my dreams rejected me and it was time to mourn that loss.

I sat on the couch in silence, watching Rock of Thunder (a totally under rated movie of the awesomeness of rock and roll crime fighters).  Whoa-is-me??  Why does no one like Jimmy Blades??

**Ughhh, I hope Jimmy’s not going to speak in the 3rd person going forward, that’d be so annoying.  And how can he be so blind not to know Stormy likes him (seriously, someone needs to pull her aside and make sure she’s not suffering from any brain damage)?  Tune in next time as we deal with a very depressing… The Puck Stops Here! #6…


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