Down Goes Frazier! – 9/6/15 Fights

Some of you might know from talking with me my favorite sport is the sweet science, boxing.  In fact, with some readers, we’ve gotten into heated discussions about all-time greats, fights that should’ve been made, etc…  So with that in mind, I’ve decided to open up a weekly boxing column on my blog talking about the fights I watch the previous Saturday.  My opinion might not agree with yours and that’s totally cool.  One of the greatest things about boxing is that everyone can see the same fight very differently.  Well without further ramblings, on to the fights!

Down Goes Frazier!”

The show I caught this weekend was actually the Sunday Al Haymon League on CBS.  There were two fights on the docket, one good and one junk.  We’ll start with the good one first…

McDonnell vs Kameda

I don’t know what fight the commentators were watching, honestly.  After 10 rounds they had Kameda up 8 rounds to 2.  At the same point, I had McDonnell up 6 to 4.  This was about as close as a fight could get, just like their first clash a few months back.  These two just have styles that, when put together, produce close close fights.  I think they could tangle for a third time and it’d still be a toss-up even though McDonnell won the first two.

McDonnell relied on being the busier fighter while Kameda used some good old heavy shots to keep him honest.  In the end, I rewarded a busier and more consistent punch output over fewer, heavier shots.  Plus that 12th round knockdown didn’t help Kameda’s cause at all.  I scored the fight 115-112 (7 rounds to 5, factoring in a 10-8 final round for McDonnell).  If these guys want to tangle one more time in a year or so, sign me up to watch, really good fight.

Dirrell vs Rubio

This was a waste of time, energy, and money.  Rubio looked totally shot before he even got into the ring.  I thought his move up in weight from 160 to 168 would help him, but man was I wrong.  Rubio came to get paid and hear the final bell, mission accomplished.

Dirrell, on the other hand, was looking for a feel good fight after his surprise loss at the hands on Badou Jack.  What annoyed me is he couldn’t even drop professional opponent Rubio, even after he figured it out that Rubio wasn’t going to punch back.  From the 5th round on, he should’ve really been able to end this thing if he’s a top talent like Haymon and company wish us to believe.  However I don’t.  Dirrell’s not beating any of the top super-middleweights (Groves, DeGale, King Arthur, hell I think he loses to Martin Murray too) and he’d get killed in the light-heavyweight division.  Maybe Uncle Al will set him up with a Kid Chocolate fight and we can watch two of the most disappointing fighters in the 160 range go at it.  Anyways, I scored this rubbish 100-90 in favor of Dirrell.


(1)The CBS broadcasting team was kissing Al’s butt so much during the McDonnell-Kameda clash.  You would’ve thought Kameda was the next Ali the way they were heaping praise on him.  (2)Rubio needs to retire, end of story.  (3)Dirrell wants the winner of Jack and Groves next weekend.  What he really should want is another ‘tune-up’ because even in victory, he looked bad.  (4)Next weekend is Mayweather-Berto… I’ll watch it, but mainly for the undercard.  I think Groves-Jack will be fun and I can’t wait to see Salido-Martinez 2.  Those two guys come for blood.

That’s all for this week in boxing.  Check back next week for the Mayweather-Berto recap.  And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook ( and Twitter (@jeremycroston81).  Later!


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