Character Interview #8 – Rumil Darklighter

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Me:  Another beautiful week and another Epic Interview!!  ::cue awesome guitar riff::  Today we have a very special guest, the ever deadly, yet also incredibly gorgeous, Rumil Darklighter!  Welcome to the Gamer Cave!

RD:  Thank you for having me!  This place is most unique and entertaining!

Me:  I appreciate the enthusiasm and encourage other women out there to express the same emotions for video games and ice cold soda.  Now, on to business, you’re a dark elf right?

RD:  Yes, I am originally from the valley realm of Svartalfheim.  My current appearance is due to a magical rune that allows me to shift.  ::flash of bright light::

Me:  You’re blue?!

RD:  Yes, all dark elves are born with this particular shade.  However it seems most men of Midgard find it most appeasing.

Me:  Mac!  Quit drooling!  I’m sorry about him…

RD:  That is most okay.  I find him quite cute.

Me:  Don’t encourage him.  And aren’t you already in a relationship?

RD:  Yes, my chosen soul mate is another human named Jack Skelton.  He plays a sport called hockey and it is most exciting to watch.

Me:  Here in the gamer cave, Mac and I also approve of women who enjoy watching sports.  So Rumil, what else about our realm do you like?

RD:  A food called ‘pizza’ is most amazing, as well as all the different types of clothing you have!  Just last week I discovered something called the Home Shopping Network!  I can buy all newest clothing choices from the comfort of my own home.

Me:  My condolences Jack.  You should’ve cancelled or blocked that particular channel.  Well all jesting aside, the other realms aren’t as peaceful as this one, are they?

RD:  No, they are not.  Between the Aesir, the Jotens, and the Light Elves, someone is always on the brink of war with another.  It is a most difficult life, but one I was quite used to.

Me:  I’m sorry that you’ve gone through a lot, but we’re glad to have you as a card carrying member of Midgard.  Before you go, we do something called the lightning round.  Are you game?

RD:  Does this have another to do with the Thunderer, Thor?

Me:  No, but I did meet his brother Loki a few weeks back.  Scary guy…

RD:  Loki is not too bad, once you get to know him.

Me:  I’ll take your word for it.  On to the lightning round!  Favorite realm?

RD:  My home realm, Svartalfheim.

Me:  Scariest person you’ve dealt with?

RD:  Lord Azmodeous by far.

Me:  Favorite comic book character?

RD:  The Negative Man of course!

Me:  Last one, the place I want to go on Midgard the most is…

RD:  I need to see this place called Hawaii.  I hear it is most beautiful.

Me:  I’ve heard the same rumors.  Well I’d like to thank Rumil for stopping by the Gamer Cave and wish her well on her continued adventures with Jack!

Mac:  Can I get your number?

Me:  She’s already got a boyfriend you fool!

RD:  Jeremy is right, but I know quite a few dark elf ladies who would be most interested.  Let me show you their pictures on this device called a ‘cell phone.’

Me:  Ughhhh…

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  1. jefftrel says:

    Awesome interview as always!

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