Flash Season 2 Thoughts


I am super excited for the next season of The Flash coming in October.  For those who haven’t seen the first season, please go read another blog post and come back once you have.  I don’t want to be ‘that’ spoiler guy.

Thought 1 – The Time Paradox

That season finale was ridiculous with the worm hole opening over Central City.  We’re left with Barry running into it and seeing a lot of weird stuff (original Flash’s helmet, Killer Frost, etc…).  How does that play out?  According to MoviePlot, season two picks up six months after one.  The producers promise to explain everything, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, so Eddie killed himself and Eobard went bye-bye.  Or did he?  If Eobard was erased from history, then he never went back in time and thus Eddie would never have a reason to kill himself.  Time travel is a fickle mistress and if not done right, can really burn you.  It seems Cavanaugh is coming back, probably as The Real Harrison Wells, but where does that leave the Eddie character?  The actor who plays him is signed to another show, yet he’s on the docket for a few cameos…

Thought 2 – Grodd’s Role

Gorilla Grodd is without a doubt the most dangerous villain in The Flash Rogue Gallery.  We know Grodd is still alive and not going anywhere.  The question, how much will he have to do with season 2?

I heard the CGI to create Grodd was ridiculous, yet The CW gave themselves a great way to keep him in without the high cost.  Grodd can control minds, so in a lot of episodes, you could have his ‘host’ run around and commit the crimes with Grodd hiding in the shadows.  When time came for a good old fashion Grodd vs Flash showdown, then you bring in the big guy.  Of course they may be saving Grodd for season three, as season two’s big bad is…

Thought 3 – Zoom

We know there’s a blue streak coming to Central City and chances are he’s not a very nice guy.  I’m not even going to mention Hunter Zoloman because I don’t think CW is going that way.  He’s way too much like Eobard Thawne.  No, this Zoom is described as a speed demon, someone so nightmarish that it’ll make old Eobard seem like your friendly next door neighbor.  I’ve heard crazy rumors that Zoom could end up being, well Eddie Thawne.


Now this would be awesome if done right, yet something tells me this probably won’t happen.  (In a perfect world it would, as the Eddie vs Barry storyline because of Iris would be killer)  More likely is either The Rival (as Jay Garrick is coming to a Flash near you) or Cobalt Blue (Barry’s evil twin).  The evil twin would be weird, but they could do something where someone close to Barry becomes Zoom/Cobalt Blue.  Yet my gut feeling is The Rival, someone from the past who will come to the present with the intentions of killing both Flashes.

To end this, there are even more awesome plot lines that we could look into, but those three stick out the most to me.  I guess in October we’ll all find out who’s right and who’s dead wrong.

(Update: you can get more thoughts/opinions/predictions about The Flash over at https://ragnarokonice.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/the-flash-well-barry-wanted-zoom/)


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