The Puck Stops Here! #6 (The Stormy Waters Takeover!)

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#6 (Stormy Waters’ POV)

I popped into Crasnick’s Music and Movies a little after noon.  I figured maybe I’d see if Jimmy wanted to have lunch with me.  I couldn’t believe how much fun I had with the goofy guy the previous night.  However, when I walked in, I saw who I assumed was Mr. Crasnick behind the counter, talking to another guy.

“Darren, I can’t get a hold of Jimmy.  I know he’s never on time, but I’m starting to get worried.”

The younger guy shook his head and put it in his hand.  “He’s alive, trust me.  I know what happened.  I’ll go over to his apartment and deal with this.”

Mr. Crasnick gave a quick nod.  “Alright, tell him he can have the day off, but if he ever pulls a stunt like this again, I’ll slap his head.”

Darren started walking towards the door, so I decided to find out what was going on.  “Hi there, I’m Stormy.  I’m a friend of Jimmy’s.  Is he okay?”

“I’ve never seen you before…”  His eyes narrowed.  “And Jimmy’s never mentioned you.”

“We just started hanging out yesterday.  He introduced me to Phantom Apocalypse and Evil Dark Elves.”  I pulled a cd out of my jacket pocket.  “I was going to return the favor by giving him a Mad Electricians album.”

Darren looked at the cd and lightened up.  “This might actually be perfect.”  I think he was talking to himself.  “Come with me, I’ll explain on the way over.”

I followed him out of the store and we started walking down main street.  “Jimmy lives about a ten minute walk from here in an apartment.  I hope the walk doesn’t;t bother you.”

“No I’m okay, but I guess the question, is Jimmy?”

He signed.  “Let me start off by telling you the truth.  Jimmy’s had a huge crush on my sister Sunny for years.  I’ve tried to protect him by not making a fool of himself, but he went and called her last night.  I guess he figured it was his last hail mary.”

I could feel my face burning up.  “Oh…”

“The poor bonehead never had a chance.  To be honest, if I had been honest with him, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Part of me was super upset that he called another girl after we had coffee, but the more logical side said he’d only tried to be friends, nothing more.  “I’m sure it’s tough for a guy like him.  He seems so clueless, but really good hearted.”

“Jimmy’s my best friend, through thick and thin.  That’s why when Sunny told me what happened this morning, I knew it’d be up to me to get him out of his funk.”

My jealously for Sunny disappeared right away.  She’d tried to do the right thing and let him down easy.  “It’s hard when you find out someone doesn’t share the same feelings.”

We walked up to a two townhouse.  “Jimmy lives on the top floor.  Let’s go see how bad it is…”

**Stormy and Darren are about to discover what’s become of Jimmy Blades.  But seriously, it’s only been a few hours – just how much pizza and soda could he have consumed?  Someone look up if there’s a such thing as a pizza coma!  We’ll find out next week in The Puck Stops Here! #7…


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