Down Goes Frazier! – Mayweather vs Berto Thoughts/Predictions

down goes frazier

So this weekend we get Floyd Mayweather’s ‘Last Fight’ and his opponent is The Artist Formally Known as Andre Berto.  If you were hoping for a post heaping praise and love on to Floyd and this fight, you might just want to leave now.

Andre Berto – Why, just why?

At this stage in Floyd’s career, fighting Berto is a joke and a farce.  Do I think he should jump to middleweight and get beaten in oblivion by Gennady Golovkin?  Heavens no!  I don’t like the guy, buy Triple G would eat Mayweather for dinner.  However, looking in his own weight classes (both welterweight and super welterweight) you can find a myriad of reasonable choices (Thurman, Khan, Brook, hell even Danny Garcia).

Andre Berto is washed up.  He’s lost to Victor Ortiz and got knocked into next week by even more washed up Soto-Karass.  Berto has little to no chance to even land a one-hit knockout punch on Mayweather.  He knows it, Floyd knows it, and the paying public knows it.  Why do you think tickets are still available?  Hotel rooms in Vegas this weekend are cheaper than one’s close to Disney World?  That’s because no one wants to watch this fight, let alone spends hundreds of dollars to see it.

Floyd’s Last Fight – Yeah right…

This is his last fight on the 6 fight deal he signed with Showtime 3 years ago.  Ironically he’ll be 49-0 after he jabs his way past Berto.  Give it a year and he’ll be selling himself to the highest bidder for one last hurrah to get to 50-0.  And HBO, Showtime/CBS, or someone else will pay a lot of money for it.  Why?  Because given the right match up, I’m sure it’ll be billed as the most compelling/dangerous fight of his career.

But us, the smart ones, we won’t buy it.  We’ve been burned too many times by promised match-ups and watched them fall apart for years at a time.  Again, unless he faces a monster in the middleweight division, there’s no reason to suspect Floyd will pick someone he knows he can’t beat.

(I don’t consider Mayweather a ducker, more like an opportunist.  He waited for Cotto and Manny to get old.  He fought Canelo when he was young and not yet in his prime.  He retired after facing De La Hoya instead of getting a rematch.  He never fought Margarito, Paul Williams, or Sergio Martinez.  Floyd knew exactly what he was doing in every fight after De La Hoya and for that, we should applaud his business sense, but TBE he is not.)

Prediction Time!

All it takes is one punch.  Every fighter has a puncher’s chance.  Use any old boxing line you want, but Berto does not.  This isn’t Buster Douglas against Mike Tyson.  This is Andre Berto against the best defensive fighter of the 90’s through now.  Mayweather by a very wide (maybe even a complete shutout) decision.  My gut is saying 119-109.


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