Down Goes Frazier! – Weekend Recap

down goes frazier

So this weekend was the big one, the farewell to Floyd Mayweather Jr. (supposedly).  He went out in predictable Mayweather style, taking Andre Berto to task over the course of twelve rounds.  Well, I found a place that had the fight on, so I took one for the team and went and watched the card.  Here is a recap:

Jack vs Groves

Two thoughts right from the get-go.  Jack is a much more accomplished boxer than I gave him credit for and Saint Groves isn’t the same guy who went into those Froch fights.  Jack really beat Groves to the punch consistently.  Groves seemed either disinterested or not in great shape, because he didn’t put forth that kind of effort you need to win a championship fight.  I had Jack winning this fight easily 8-4 in rounds.

Groves needs to find ‘it’ again.  I don’t know what ‘it’ is for him, but until he finds something worth fighting for, he’ll dominate bums and club fighters, but he won’t win any championships.  Jack, on the other hand, is a good, solid fighter, but he’s probably losing to the rest of the 168lb players.  Solid win for him over Groves and we’ll see where ach goes from here.  Winner was Jack by UD.

Salido vs Martinez

This was a fight.  A straight up hit and take a hit kinda fight.  In a few days, YouTube this sucker and you’ll see two iron chinned, tough SOB’s clobber each other into oblivion.  Martinez over the first half of the fight hit Salido with everything, including the kitchen sink.  Then he gassed out and Salido returned the favor.

Then round twelve happened, where each man came out guns blazing in a final attempt to stop the other.  The fact that both made it to the final bell is a God’s honest miracle.  The judges called it a draw, with one giving the fight to Salido, one giving it to Martinez, and one calling it an actual draw.  I have no problem with the scoring, as I also had it a draw.  Salido wants a rematch and hell, I can’t think of another fight that deserves one.

Mayweather vs Berto

This was a total snoozefest as Berto had no skills to trouble Floyd at all.  It was a total whitewashing, 120-108 as I called on Friday.  Honestly after the 5th round, I was more interested in the football games that were being shown than the fight, so I just kept looking back here and there.  The judges saw it the same as me, as Floyd won by UD.


Despite my lack of interest, Floyd is an amazing defensive boxer.  As he rides off into the sunset (maybe), as a fight fan, I wished he would have challenged himself a bit more.  Don’t give me he fought all these champions nonsense either, because boxing champions are a dime a dozen.  He orchestrated the 2nd half of his career, yet I feel he fell just short of his goals of all-time greatness.  Congrats to Floyd for winning a lot of money, but I can’t justifiably put him in any sort of top ten of the best boxers in history.


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