The Puck Stops Here! #7

Jimmy Blades Banner

Issue #7

“Jimmy!  Open up I know you’re in there!”

Darren could be so loud.  Didn’t he know I was suffering from a massive pizza and soda binge?  I could still smell the pepperoni… mmm pepperoni.

The door clicked and Darren slammed it open.  Behind him was none other than Stormy Waters!  What was she doing here?

“Oh my… Jimmy, how many sodas did you drink last night?”

There weren’t that many cans laying around.  I lifted my head up off my pillow and they both gasped.  “I just had a case, why?”

Darren stormed over to the couch.  “You can’t grow a beard!”  He slapped the shaggy hair that fell off my face.  “What the heck is that thing?”

“It’s my depression beard dude.  Everyone knows when you’re depressed your facial hair grows at a rapid pace.”

Stormy slowly walked over to, in fact much closer than Darren was.  She felt the hair between her fingers and then yanked.  The beard tore away from my face which really hurt!  “Owww!”

“I knew it!  This is one of those fake ones they sell at joke stores isn’t it?”

“Well yeah, but it was attached good to my face!”

Darren pushed me into a sitting position and dropped on to the couch beside me.  “Dude, what’re you doing to yourself?  You never had a chance with Sunny, that’s why I kept pushing you away.”

“But Darren, she’s always been nice to me… even when no one else was.”  Truth be told, I was a bit of a nerd in high school.  The cool, awesome Jimmy Blades sitting on the couch today didn’t manifest until two years after graduation.

“I know man.  Sunny isn’t mad at you, just so you know.  She still considers you a friend.”

Stormy sat on the other side of me.  “I don’t know what happened in the past, but I’m your friend too.  It seems you’re not as bad off as you thought.”

They were right of course.  Jumping off the couch, “Yeah, no time to be depressed!  I need to get ready for work!  I’m going to be late!”

Stormy started giggling while Darren just looked annoyed.  “You’re already over two hours late you knucklehead!  Mr. Crasnick was worried about you.”

I ran back into my room and in no time flat came out showered and dressed.  “What are you two still doing here?  I have a job to get to!”

“Darren, how did he get ready so fast?”

“Don’t ask.  Listen up,” he stopped talking to Stormy and looked over at me.  “I don’t want you late for hockey practice tonight.  The Rubber Puckies take this seriously and so will The November Reign!”

I saluated him.  “Yes sir captain.”

He gave me one last irritated look before leaving.  That left just me and Stormy.  “Sorry you had to witness all of this…”

“It’s okay, just makes you human.  C’mon, let’s get you to work.  You want to grab a sandwich with me on your way in?”

She was reaching out with her hand and I took it.  “That would be lovely Miss Waters.”

**Well, that ended better than I thought it would.  And who knew Jimmy was a nerd?  I certainly didn’t.  Now I feel sorry for the poor guy…  Let’s hope things keep going well for him next week in The Puck Stops Here! #8…


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