Epic Interviews! with Jeremy (from the future…?)

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Me:  Welcome back to the Gamer Cave for another awesome interview.  Today’s guest is…

Mac:  Umm, we didn’t book anyone for today buddy.

Me:  Wait what?  How in the name of Area 51 did that happen?!

Mac:  We invited Vic Inglewood over, but I guess he got stuck on a case.  Then we got sidetracked with the newest Triple Tiger game.

Me:  Oh yeah… Triple Tiger is awesome!  (available at all major retail stores on your Gamer Genesis 128!  Tell them we sent you!)

::The Gamer Cave lights start flickering::

Me:  The government found us!!!  I totally didn’t mean to hack into the Space Program’s computers!

Mac:  This is what you get for trying to find out if they’re keeping aliens in Alaska!!

::A bright flash blinds the guys::

?(1):  Whoa, we did it!

?(2):  That totally worked!  What’re we going to tell ourselves?

Jeremy:  Mac is that you?

Two voices:  Yes it’s me.

?(1):  This is going to be confusing…

Mac:  Ahhhhh!  It’s a second me!

Jeremy:  The government cloned us!  (pointing at the imposter Jeremy)  Who are you?  Al Gore?  Jeb Bush?!  Answer me corrupt politician!

Mac(F):  You guys must not beat Triple Tiger!  It’s a weapon designed by the evil gl-O-bal Corporation that, when the final boss is defeated, triggers the rise of the machine army!

Jeremy(F):  We’ve come all the way back from the future to stop this!  Give me the game, quickly!

Mac:  How do we know you guys are telling the truth?  (winces eyes at future Mac)  Jeremy, doesn’t this sound like one of my classic pranks?

Jeremy:  You convinced future me to help build a time machine to come back to this moment to mess with me?  Dude, that’s sick!

Jeremy(F):  Listen here you knuckleheads, that game triggers the robot apocalypse!  Do you want that on your conscious?

Mac(F):  Seriously guys, listen to us.  It’s not worth keeping the world records, the cash, the sweet sports car, and the mansion gl-o-bal Corp gives you because it’ll trigger the end of days.

Mac:  Wait one sweet minute there skeptical future Mac… What’s this about fame and fortune?  And why did we grow handlebar mustaches?

Jeremy(F):  These?  (pulls off mustache) We’re resistance fighters now and the mustaches are a disguise.  Forgive me guys…

::Future Jeremy pulls out a ray gun and blows up the guys Gamer Genesis 128.  Future Mac, for good measure, runs over and smashes the burning bits even further::

Jeremy: No!!!!!

Mac: What the heck?  Those mustaches weren’t real?  Party Town must’ve really upped their game in the fake disguise department.  (quietly) Note to self, buy stock in Party Town…

Jeremy:  Triple Tiger wasn’t even in the system!  We’d been playing Mega Boondock Bros…

::Future Mac spots the game on the shelf and blows it up with his ray gun::

Mac(F):  Sorry guys, it had to be done, for the greater good you know.  Spoiler alert – the next few months are going to be crazy!

Jeremy(F):  Yeah, you never when you’ll save the world or something epically awesome.

Mac(F):  And never give up on the Jericho Twins!

::with two thumbs up, the future doppelgängers vanish in another flash::

Jeremy:  Hpmh, they didn’t even tell us if we got a new video game system.  Jerks…


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About Jeremy Croston

I'm a comic loving, soccer playing, devoted husband who has a writing addiction. I can be found at Orlando Solar Bear hockey games, at the local sports bar cheering on my teams from Philly (go Flyers!), and being led astray by my schnauzer, JJ. Check out my Amazon page at www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston to see my collections. Feel free to friend me on Facebook too at www.facebook.com/jcroston2 (there is another one of me out there apparently). Outside of writing, I work in business development and am considered an expert in all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to talking to you soon!
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