The Puck Stops Here! #8

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Issue #8

I was waiting for the phone to be picked up.  “C’mon Phil, answer your phone already!”

But no, his voicemail picked up.  Hockey pucks!  “You reached Phil Liddell.  I’m not here at the moment, so just leave your name and number at the beep.”  ::beep::

“Philster, it’s your favorite cousin Jimmy Blades!  Call me back, I got like serious lady issues and need your advice!  Like I said, call me!”

My message was cut off.  “Hey Jimmy, I’m here.  I was just messing with you.”

“Oh ho ho ho, very funny Liddell!”  He’s always trying to pull one over on me.

I heard him chuckling into the receiver.  “So you’re having lady problems?  Did that girl Sunny finally get a restraining order?  I warned you about being so creepy, didn’t I?”

“Hmph – she totally shot me down.  But that’s neither here nor there.  A new girl’s in town and I think she’s into me…”

I don’t think he believed me as there was a long pause before he answered.  “This is actually fantastic news!  Do not JIMMY this one up!”  He laughed at his own joke.  I didn’t.  “So tell me a little about her?”

“Her name is Stormy Waters and she is epically awesome.  She’s cute, into music, and drives a vintage Beetle!  I mean, how much cooler can she get?”

“And she likes you, which makes her the coolest girl ever!  She sounds great dude.”  I heard another voice in the background trying to shout something.  “Hang on, Casey wants to ask you a question.”

“Hey Casey.”  He’s Phil’s best friend and overall cool guy.

“Dude, when Sunny hot you down like a wounded duck, did you pull out that ‘depression beard’ you got stashed away?  Phil and I have a bet going on that…”

I was totally proud of my beard!  “Of course I did!  I also killed a twelve pack of Mt. Buh-Bomb and a few pizzas.  Best depression ever!”

Chuck grabbed the phone back.  “Casey and I want in on your next depression party.  We’ll even bring our own beards to it!  Anyway, do you like this girl too?”

Ahh this week’s problem.  “I do, but you know, it’s complicated.”

“What’s complicated?  Let me tell you from my own experience man, if you like her and she likes you, you have to say something.  I messed things up with Sarah and I regret it every day.  Now’s she with Oscar and that’s on me.  Don’t make the same mistake buddy.”

Whoa, I just got an extended Phil monologue!  “You’re right!  I’m going to tell her that she’s awesome and should totally want to hang out with me all the time!”

“You may want to slow it down a bit.  Don’t smother her with your awesomeness right away.”

Hmm, he might have a point.  “Got it.  How about a double date this weekend?  You got any lovely ladies you can bring along?”

Casey started laughing in the background again.  “No ladies, but I’ve got Casey to tag along.”

I chuckled as I heard him tell Phil that wasn’t cool.  “That works!  Casey’s cool and with both of you there, how could it possibly be weird?”

“Sure, who can say no to Jimmy Blades?  But you’re going to owe me a favor down the road…”

I looked up at the clock, it was closing time and I needed to be on time to practice for once.  “Sounds good Mr. Liddell.  I’ll give you a shout after the big game on Friday night.”

“Good luck Jimmy!  And say hey to Big Darren for us.  Casey would also like you to remind him he owes Casey fifty dollars.”

**With Phil’s advice fresh in Jimmy’s mind and knowing Sunny isn’t the girl for him, how can he possibly mess things up with Stormy?  Well it is Jimmy Blades after all, so I guess we will see next time on The Puck Stops Here!


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