The Cascade Snowman – Chapter 2 (The Inglewood Chronicles)

I know Friday is normally Epic Interviews, but the guys are taking a vacation (slackers).  So in it’s place will be the 2nd chapter of The Cascade Snowman.  But before we get there, good news from Writersville, I started writing the official third book of the series.  As it stands, I have other 6000 honest to goodness words written and couldn’t be happier.  I’ll keep you posted with my progress as this project begins to take shape.

In the meantime, please go ahead and enjoy Gregory’s adventure in…


Chapter 2


“Ahh Drusilla my dear, what an unexpected pleasure.”

His thick accent made him almost impossible to understand. Everything about Vincente Divas was unpalatable, from his greasy comb over to his pallid skin. “Cut with the bull shit Divas, we both understand the other does not want to be here.”

Behind him was a large dark-skinned man. I knew this as his bodyguard Ugga, a soul I felt so sorry for. He hated Divas more than I did, but whatever the French vampire had on him, he kept the leash tight. “Right to the point of the matter; so what business do you wish to partake in?”

“First information, especially about the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. Anything of interest reach your ears?”

He signaled to Ugga, who went back to the black town car. “A lot of strange rumors are on the street. What interest does it have to you?”

I pulled out a pad of paper and pen from my trench coat. “Anything involving a Yeti or Bigfoot perhaps?”

If I expected him to laugh at me for asking about such an urban legend, I would have been wrong. Instead, he looked around, as if to make sure we were truly alone. “What do I get out of my cooperation? Your husband dislikes me and my business ventures.”

“If your information checks out, we will let you have a bit more leeway. But, I must be deadly serious,” my eyes flashed red and my fangs extended, “if we find out you are experimenting on humans as my rumors have indicated, you will beg me for death before I finish with you.”

He swallowed hard and took a step back. “I assure you that is just slander against my good reputation.”

My fangs slid back into place. “With the terms agreed to, what have you heard?”

“A witch is involved, that I can assure you. Do not ask me how I know; just that what I am telling you is truth. The Yeti you speak of, it may be her familiar.”

I tried to hide my surprise. “A witch that we do not know about? This is most disturbing.”

“It gets worse.” Divas looked a bit paler than usual now. “She has started sacrificing werewolves as part of some ritual to divine more power.”

Finally something we both could agree upon – it just got a whole lot worse.


I was pacing our apartment, waiting for Dru to get back from her meeting with Divas. I hated the drug dealing vampire so much, but I had unfortunately been unable to catch him doing anything illegal. Without proof, Cristof would order me to let him go without trial.

I heard heels on the stairs and immediately went over to the door. Upon opening it, I saw Dru reaching the top floor and make a beeline into our home. As she entered, she pulled me in, shut the door and dead bolted the door locked. “We have much to discuss.”

She tossed her coat on the couch as I went to the kitchen and brought the freshly poured beer over. “Has Divas crossed a line? Do we need to go arrest him tonight?”

She took a long drink, nearly emptying her glass. “Vincente is the least of our concerns. He verified our information about a potential Yeti in the Cascades. He also dropped the bomb that there is a witch living there and the beast may be her familiar.”

I choked as she told me this while I was drinking. “A witch? Is he certain?”

“Most assuredly. Between his unusual behavior and how unhinged he got when I questioned the Yeti, I trust his information is accurate. However,” she finished the rest of her drink, “it gets worse.”

“This ought to be wonderful to hear.”

“The witch is sacrificing wolves. Chances are we are wondering right into the heart of a hornet’s nest.”

My mouth dropped. “Tell me this is some sick joke.”

She grabbed both our glasses and went to the fridge to refill us. “I wish I was. How did such a situation elevate to this level without our knowing?”

“The wolves must lack in trust in us. I cannot say I blame them, the lines of communications on both sides are poor at best.”

She came back over and pulled me down on to the couch with her. She put her head on my lap, frustration building on her face. “When we took this job on, we promised ourselves we would do the best to keep relations on the up and up. It would appear that we have failed.”

This was my fault. “No, there is not a ‘we’ in this situation. As the head of the territory, I never took the obligation seriously to reach out to as many of the Alphas as I could. If anyone is to blame, it is all upon me.”

“Shall we blame Elizabeth? I bet you a back massage she could not name half the Alphas in her territory. Was she not supposed to train us better?”

We clinked our glasses together. “I can drink to that!”

I reached over and turned on the radio. Someone everyone referred to as the King of Pop had taken over the airwaves and once again one of his songs was playing. Oddly, not my favorite genre of music, but his music tended to make me feel good. Absentmindedly, my head began to sway to his voice.

I heard Dru snicker and it broke me out of my music daze. “You are cute when you get caught up in a song.”

“I cannot help it; this guy has a very catching voice.”

“As soon as Elizabeth gets here, we will have to make our way to Oregon.”

I had already been thinking about that. “While you were waiting with Divas, I contacted Remy down in Portland. He is going to meet us in a city called Sisters. He says it will be a good place to set up our base of operations.”

At first she gave me a skeptical look, based on Remy’s past. Pushing that aside, she sat up and wrote the city’s name down in her planner. “I will call the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow and get the names of some possible hotels to stay at.”

I was about to compliment her on her uncanny ability to always be prepared when our phone rang. “Hello?”

“Gregory, it is Elizabeth. I am at the Phoenix airport and I will be in Seattle in a few hours.”

Even for her, that was quick. “Do you need a ride over to our place?”

“That will be unnecessary, I have already arranged a car to pick me up and take me to your address. I will see you soon.”

I hung up the phone and Dru was already moving around, picking up my clutter. “I suggest you help me, we will not have guests over when our home looks like this!”


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