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Jeremy:  Welcome everyone to the Gamer Cave for yet another amazing interview.  Joining me today is the very fetching and very British vampire gal from The Cactus Killer, Liz Swansea!

::Backstage with Mac::

Liz:  You are such a darling!  I know at least three available women who would be most interested in you.  As long as you do not mind a bit of an age gap…

Mac:  You’re pretty…

::walking backstage::

Jeremy:  Mac!  Quit hitting on the woman and let her come do the interview!

Mac:  Whoa… wait?  What happened?

Jeremy:  Ugh, never mind.  Since we’re back here, let’s just keep rolling with it.  Hi Liz, how are you today?

Liz:  Never better!  My boyfriend Vic told me what a good time he had talking with you, so he convinced me to give it a chance.

Jeremy:  Well, we’re glad to have you.  So, tell us a lit…

Mac:  I brought you flowers.

Jeremy:  Would you get out of here!  ::runs Mac off::  Sorry about him.  A few weeks ago the same sort of thing happened with a dark elf that visited.

Liz:  Oh not to worry.  I guess I have a certain charm that attracts men.

Jeremy:  I think it’s the vampire thing you’ve got going on.  Truth be told, you pull it off really well.

Liz:  It is not as hard as one would think to stay so fresh looking this old.

Jeremy:  I know it’s never a good idea to ask a girl her age, but give or take, how long have you been running around the world?

Liz:  At a certain point you actually become proud of your age.  I am over a thousand years old.

Jeremy:  Shut the front door!  You don’t look a day over twenty-five…

Liz:  A born, purebred vampire stops aging after twenty plus years.  Call it predator instinct, but it is easier for us to find food when we look harmless, and even attractive.

Mac:  Hey!  Were you trying to make a meal outta me?

Jeremy:  That’s a good question!  You should know he doesn’t come with a toy like a happy meal.

Liz:  No, I would never feast of friends.  I either use willing donors or have my meals prepackaged through a blood bank.

Mac:  I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed…

Jeremy:  We don’t have time for your indecision, we need to get to the lightning round!

Liz:  This sounds most enjoyable.

Jeremy:  O positive or AB negative?

Liz:  You know that’s an old wives tale right?

Jeremy:  Guns or swords?

Liz:  Swords by far.

Jeremy:  U.S. or U.K.?

Liz:  That is a tough one, but I will go United States.

Jeremy:  Last one, Coyotes or Diamondbacks?

Liz:  I love baseball and I am a season ticket holder to the Diamondbacks.

Jeremy:  Good looking, well spoken, superhuman speed and strength, what’s not to love about her!  Thanks for popping by and hanging out with us today!

Liz:  It was my pleasure!  I hope to visit the two of you again someday!

Mac:  Me too…

**Liz is the sassy vampire from The Inglewood Chronicles and you can read all about her adventures either on your Kindle or, if you’re old school, in actual book form.  Just head on over to http://www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston to join in all the supernatural fun!



About Jeremy Croston

I'm a comic loving, soccer playing, devoted husband who has a writing addiction. I can be found at Orlando Solar Bear hockey games, at the local sports bar cheering on my teams from Philly (go Flyers!), and being led astray by my schnauzer, JJ. Check out my Amazon page at www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston to see my collections. Feel free to friend me on Facebook too at www.facebook.com/jcroston2 (there is another one of me out there apparently). Outside of writing, I work in business development and am considered an expert in all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to talking to you soon!
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