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::Reader discretion advised::

Jeremy – Welcome to another Epic Interview everyone.  Today’s guest is one cool customer, Washington, DC homicide detective Mikael Ruskoff.  Welcome to the show Mikael.  And might I add, you’re one big dude!

Mikael – I am pleased to meet you Jeremy.  I have heard your interviews reach many people so you must forgive me but I have another motivation for accepting this invitation.  I hope someone out there will call in with some information on a case I’m working…

Jeremy – We’ll definitely get to your case in a moment, but I couldn’t help but notice that accent.  Where are you from?

::Jeremy pulls down an oversize map of the world and hands Mikael a dart::

::Taking the dart, Mikael tosses it in the air a few times before walking up to the map and jamming it on Russia::

Mikael – I was born in Russia and came to the United States when I was this high ::indicates about three feet:: close to my sixth birthday.  I don’t want to disappoint you, but the only Russian I know is my mother.  From the moment the boat landed, I embraced all that is America.  Most of my English I learned by watching TV.  My mother was a slower learner and didn’t pick it up until I was in high school, and even then she wanted me to speak Russian at home.  I wasn’t receptive of the idea but it didn’t matter much because she stopped speaking Russian when I couldn’t understand most of what she was saying.  She got tired of hearing me say ‘huh’ all the time.  As for the accent, my wife loves it.

::Mac walks in drinking a soda::

Mac – That accent is so cool!  Can you teach it to me?

Jeremy – Mikael isn’t here to teach you how to be cool man!  He has important stuff to talk about, don’t you?

Mikael – Stick around long enough Marc and you might pick it up.  Anyway, I do need your help getting a message at to the public.  I’ve been investigating the kidnapping and murders of Paige Roule and Carrie Anne Lindsey.  Please take a look at these.

::Mikael holds up pictures for all to see::

Mikael – These little girls were brutally murdered by someone in the DC community.  The families are grieving and will never be the same.  If anyone has any information, please call our hotline. ::number flashes across the screen::  It’s an 800 number, so the call’s free.  Plus you’ll be given a number to ensure you remain anonymous.  No piece of information is too small.  I will personally provide a reward for any information leading to the capture of this monster.  ::voice cracks a bit::  Please…

::Mac hands Jeremy a leather jacket and a John Walsh wig::

Jeremy –  Folks, this is serious.  If you have any tips but don’t feel comfortable calling in, call us at Nerd Stoppers on our tip line and we’ll get the info to Detective Ruskoff.

Marc – That’s right, any clues at all would be great.

Jeremy – I’m sure you have tons to do, but would you be willing to answer some lightning round questions?

Mikael – ::taps fingers nervously::  I thought we might skip this part, but yes of course.  Ask away.

Jeremy – We’ll keep this painless.  Are you married?  Kids?

Mikael – I married the first girl I kissed.  My wife Tatiana is very supportive, a great wife for the type of work I do.  I spoil her as much as I can, to the point our local jeweler knows her by her first name I’m afraid.  We have an eight year old son, Ivan.  He loves skate boarding and Star Wars.  He’s a good kid for sure, and hopefully one day we’ll add a daughter to the family.  I’m afraid my home life is a little on the boring side.  We do normal things; movies, dinners, sporting events…

Jeremy – Both Mac and I endorse a healthy love for Star Wars.

Mac – Hey I gotta question!  What kind of weapon do you carry?  Lightsaber? Broadsword?  Futuristic laser gun?

Mikael – ::rolls eyes::  Weapons aren’t something to joke about!  And no, I’m not going to show you two my guns.  I really could use a smoke…  ::Jeremy shakes head no::  I didn’t think so.  Anyway, I carry two guns at all times.  I have a small-caliber Ruger in my ankle holster.  I’ve never had to use that one.  But my main weapon, that’s a Walther PPK handgun that I carry in a pancake holster on my hip.  I had to get special permission to carry it as the PPK isn’t department issue.  Luckily my captain’s like me and knows the value of precision engineering in an elegant piece.  Go ahead and Google it and you’ll see why I’m a fan.  It’s never let me down.

Jeremy – Now that is pretty sweet.  Last question for you – what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a case?

Mikael – Once I worked a case with a Secret Service Agent.  We were grilling the suspect pretty good about some threats he made against the President when out of nowhere he yells at the SSA to get away from his stove.

Mac – That doesn’t sound good.

Mikael – It was very crazy behavior, so we handcuffed him to the chair.  He was a little guy, so we thought the cuffs would hold him.  Lo and behold he jumped up and head-butted the agent, all with the chair still on his back.

Jeremy – That’s one spry dude!

Mikael – It gets weirder.  Turns out the perp had something cooking in a big pot on the stove top.  We’d noticed the smell earlier, but thought it was gym socks or something.  We found out he had an ongoing beef with his neighbor and sometime the night before it came to a head.  We discovered the neighbor in a closet, minus his right hand.  Our guy had amputated it and was cooking it.  He thought if he ate the hand, it would give him strength for his next project.  You see, he needed extra strength because of his threats against the President revolved around the idea if he ate his brain, he’d be the next President.  Dude was one determined weirdo.

Jeremy – I think on that disturbing note, we’ll let you get back to Washington and find that serial killer.  Hang on, what’s the sound?

::Mikael and Jeremy look over to see Mac tossing his cookies::

Jeremy – Oh man, we just had the carpets cleaned…

**What to learn more about Detective Mikael and his current case?  You can grab the book and get sucked into his adventure at http://myBook.to/DeathMostWicked!


The thing Evil craves most is innocence. When small children disappear, you can be assured that Evil has crawled out of its dirty corner. And when those children turn up dead, Evil has clawed its mark on humanity.

What if you were a homicide detective and little girls were suddenly being kidnapped and murdered by a devious pedophile? And what if that pedophile left no evidence behind except for the broken bodies? What would you sacrifice to save just one innocent child? Would any sacrifice be too great? What if it cost you someone you loved? What if, by saving that child, you unleash a horrific monster into your own life?

Mikael Ruskoff was living his dream. He was a highly successful, homicide detective working a career he loved. He had a mother who adored him, a son he took skateboarding, and a wife he loved more than words could express. He played a mean drum set every Thursday night with his best friend on guitar. His life was comfortable and pleasurable. Then he caught a case that would change his life forever.

Special thanks to Author Suzi Albracht and her character Mikael Ruskoff!


You can find all my published work at http://www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston


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I'm a comic loving, soccer playing, devoted husband who has a writing addiction. I can be found at Orlando Solar Bear hockey games, at the local sports bar cheering on my teams from Philly (go Flyers!), and being led astray by my schnauzer, JJ. Check out my Amazon page at www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston to see my collections. Feel free to friend me on Facebook too at www.facebook.com/jcroston2 (there is another one of me out there apparently). Outside of writing, I work in business development and am considered an expert in all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to talking to you soon!
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