The Cascade Snowman – Chapter 4 (The Inglewood Chronicles)

Happy Friday everyone!  Let’s celebrate with another chapter in The Cascade Snowman shall we?  Where were we… oh yes, chapter 4.


Chapter 4

We could not check into our hotel room until three. In the meantime, Elizabeth and Dru were off to find out about the abducted lady while I sat here in the lobby waiting for Remy. Reno, one of Elizabeth’s minions, got me hooked on crossword puzzles, so I was content to just wait.

Maybe an hour had passed when I heard a loud booming voice come across the lobby. “Gregory you old piece of shit! How the hell are you?”

I looked over to see a wiry, tall vampire dressed in white pants and a white shirt with the top two buttons undone. He looked ridiculous. Remy pulled off his sunglasses, his permanently red eyes matched his big smile. “What have you done to yourself? You stick out like a sore thumb.”

He sat down on a chair beside me and put his feet up on the table. His was wearing bright white leather shoes. “This is the style man! Haven’t you watched any television lately or are you and Dru still in the stone ages?”

Remy, or so he thought, assimilated to American life better than a lot of us. He embraced technology, informal speech patterns, and a hedonistic lifestyle. A rather old vampire, maybe seven-eight hundred years old, he was more a child than adult. “The radio provides us hours of enjoyment and entertainment. You can keep your picture box.”

He pulled out a cigar, cut the end, and lit it. “So what’s the plan for today? Where is Little Miss Uptight anyways?”

Oh dear, it was another moment I could have done without. “She is with Elizabeth, out chasing down a potential lead.”

“Lizzy’s here?” He damn near dropped his cigar on the expensive looking rug. “You could’ve warned a partner beforehand his ex was going to show up.”

“I have already spoken with her about the situation and she wants to keep this strictly professional. You would do well to do the same thing.”

It was time to get this mission started. I got up and walked over to the front desk, letting them know we would be back closer to three for check in. Remy slowly followed, winking and pointing his finger in a very odd manner at the women we passed. I practically had to drag him into the van as he was getting ready to follow two blondes to the pool.

Once inside, “Can you please stick to business, at least for the time being?”

He chuckled, “Gregory man, you’re no fun. What is our business anyway?”

“We are going to go meet the Alpha of the local Red pack. They are losing wolves to a witch which rumors suggest is for some dark ceremony.”

“Sacrifices?” For the first time, seriousness crept into his voice. “Whoa Nelly, I bet those wolves are going to be on high alert.”

They were, that was certain. The problem facing us was finding them. Wolves, Reds in particular, tended to stay to themselves. They were usually close enough to a town or city that they could get their supplies, but far enough away not to be noticed. We left Sisters and headed into the countryside.

As we kept driving, I was looking for the telltale signs of a wolf community. Maybe about forty-five minutes outside of town we caught our first break. Two hunters were standing on the side of the road, but neither man had a gun. I pulled over and rolled down my window. “Hey guys, I was wondering if I could ask you a question?”

One of the men sniffed the air just for a split second. If I was human, I would have never noticed it, but bingo – we found ourselves a wolf. “We don’t get many strangers out here. What’re you looking for?”

“Not what, but who. Do either of you know a Samuel Greenfoot?”

The younger man who asked the question got this weird look in his eye. He looked back at his friend, who gave a quick nod. The first man then backed away and the second, who upon closer inspection was the size of a small mountain, made his way to the car. “Interesting question vampire. Why would you be looking for Greenfoot?”

Under the stocking cap was thick red hair, a classic trait among a lot of Reds for obvious reasons. “I am Gregory Collins, ambassador to the Northwest Territory for the vampires. I am investigating a possible Yeti sighting.”

“Collins huh? That’s a good strong family name.” The large man gave another head nod to his friend and that man went about his business back in the woods. “I’m Samuel Greenfoot, Alpha to the local Reds. Fortune must be smiling on you to have found me so easily.”

I turned the car off and Remy and I got out. I gave Greenfoot a handshake, which I almost lost an arm too. “Sometimes it is better to have good luck than good skills.”

Greenfoot looked over Remy real quick. “You boy, you one of those new age fancies I hear about?”

“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about wolf!”

I had not the slightest either, but it was amusing to watch Remy get flustered. “Never mind my partner in this investigation; he likes to think of himself as the modern day vampire.”

“Whatever makes you happy.” He came back to me. “If you’re after that big bluish white monster, then you probably know about her too.”

“The witch? Yes I have heard she is causing you some problems.”

His face went dark. “That woman is slaughtering my people. We’ve lost six wolves since she’s shown up in this area. If it continues, I’ll have to move my pack.”

Dru had taught me many things, but one of the most important was to always have pen and paper on you. Pulling them out of my jacket, “What do you know about this woman?”

“She uses that monster of hers as the muscle. I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve seen footprints and have its stench stuck to my nose. Based on those two indicators, it’s big, maybe eight to nine feet tall.” For emphasis, he held his hand up as high as he could go.

Greenfoot was no small man himself, at least six and a half feet tall and well over three hundred pounds of solid werewolf muscle. It was not lost of me the kind of fear he used in describing the beast. “Has anyone in your pack seen this thing and survived?”

He looked over his shoulder, the second man was back. “He has. In fact he’s physically encountered the son of a bitch and escaped.”

I looked from Greenfoot back to the other man and saw a resemblance. “That is your son is it not?”

The younger man stood beside him, almost like a smaller version. “Yep, this is my boy Joshua. Let’s find a quiet spot to sit and make nice. Joshua’s story is something you’re going to want to hear for yourselves.”


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