Arrow Season 4: Darrrrrhk!


Since Epic Nerds has finished (see all four comic strips right here on the blog!), I’ve decided to take today and talk about my favorite TV show, The CW’s Arrow.  Can you believe it?  It’s on its fourth season, one I don’t even think the producers thought it’d get to.  I am completely under the impression the writers had a three season story to tell, thinking that’d be all they’d get.  The show and its star, Stephen Amell, took off and there was no way The CW was going to can its cash cow, so they renewed it obviously.  The thing?  The writers stuck to their plan and ended season three the way they had planned to end the series, no matter that it was coming back for season four.

So three episodes in, we’re kinda in a unique position.  Oliver was living in fairytale ending, one Felicity hated, only to get called back by Laurel and Thea.  He’s gone green, dealt with a meta from Central City, and began the path to reconciliation with Diggle.  Also, he’s been formally introduced to this season main antagonist, Damien Darhk.  But before we get to Darhk, let’s talk something else.



Where were we?  Oh yeah, Darhk.  Unlike the past three main antagonists who challenged Oliver mostly through physical skill, Darhk will be more cerebral.  He’s brought with him this season a mystical story that I think will continue to be unraveled.  We know for sure that’ll happen when an old friend by the name of Constantine shows up.

That’s not to say Darhk doesn’t have mad skills yo.  He does, I mean you don’t get to the top of H.I.V.E. just by being some mystical sage.  You need to be able to use that mojo!  Plus we know he has some of the Lazarus Water with him (and according to John Barrowman in an interview, he may have been resurrected as well from it), which means he’s been a round the block for awhile.


Prediction time!  So you remember at the end of episode one where we get Oliver by the gravesite?  I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s Thea.  I think Darhk is going to use his mystical influence and turn Thea against her brother and Oliver is going to have to put her down.  That will set off a chain reaction, leading up to the final confrontation between Darhk and Oliver for all the marbles…


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2 Responses to Arrow Season 4: Darrrrrhk!

  1. jefftrel says:

    Hell of a prediction there. I still think it’s Dig. With his connection to H.I.V.E. and the fixing of the Dig-Oliver dynamic, it says to me it’s him. I guess we will see!


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