Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Katie Wilder (Paranormal Contact series)

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Jeremy:  Hey hey hey everyone, it’s time for another Epic Interview!

Mac:  It’s about time!  I thought maybe you retired.

Jeremy:  Nope, I’m still here.  And today we have a special guest, give it up for Katie Wilder!

Katie:  Good afternoon Jeremy, how are you?  I have a few minutes to spare before I get on my flight.

Jeremy:  Thanks for taking a hot minute to talk to us.  So, let’s start with an easy one.  Where are you headed too?

Katie:  I’m headed to St. Augustine, Florida to meet up with Greg.

::cue spooky music::

Mac:  Going on any cool ghost adventures?

Jeremy:  Marc asks a good question.  Last time you and Greg were together, it was at that haunted old bed and breakfast you work at.  St. Augustine is a pretty old city from what I hear.

Katie:  Hey Mac, didn’t see you over there.  Yeah, I’m sure they will be something.  Jason and Tanya are going to meet us there too and you know Jason…

Jeremy:  We actually don’t know Jason, but we’ve met Shawn.  Thoughts and feelings on him?

Katie:  Shawn… oh Shawn.  I’m so glad he won’t be there.  I met him once and that was enough for me.  I honestly don’t know why Jason and Greg are friends with him.  What did you guys think of him.

Mac:  He was a bit rude…

Jeremy:  He was really weird.

Katie:  He’s definitely both.  Makes my skin crawl.

Jeremy:  Let’s forget Shawn and talk about ghosts.  Do you believe in them?

Katie:  Please!, let’s forget him!  As for ghosts, Greg did show me the video that Jason and Tanya shot.  That was pretty conclusive.  What about you two?  Do you believe in ghosts?  Would you let a ghost watch you f… wait, can I swear here?

Mac:  We have a PG-13 rating, so ehhh depends on the word.

Jeremy:  Well to answer your second question first, no I wouldn’t.  That’s creepy.  The first question… well I’m not a huge believer.

Katie:  Ahhh okay.  It’s not lady-like to sweat anyway, even though it’s fun.  And Jeremy, you should go on a ghost hunt.  It could really change your mind.  I didn’t even go on one and it changed mine.

Jeremy:  What’s been the most ‘paranormal’ thing you’ve experienced?  Not counting seeing the video Greg showed you.

Katie:  Honestly, I haven’t experienced anything really paranormal yet.  But Jason is a good guy and I believe the stuff he’s told me.  But personally, nothing yet, though that may change in St. Augustine.

Mac:  What would really freak you out to see or experience?

Katie:  Being touched by someone or something I couldn’t see.  Yep, that would do it.

Jeremy:  I can say that would cause me to have a meltdown.  Heck, just seeing weird shadows or hearing weird sounds would probably do it for me.

Katie:  I guess.  I mean a lot of ‘paranormal’ stuff can be easily explained.  Most stuff, but not all of it.  People get too freaked too easily.

Mac:  Jeremy is such a wuss.

Jeremy:  Shut up Mac.  Katie, are you ready for the lightning round?

Katie:  Bring it on.

Jeremy:  You’re biggest fear?

Katie:  I’m assuming Greg won’t hear this, but falling in love.

Jeremy:  I can’t guarantee anything!  ::ducks in case she punches::  Favorite ghost movie?

Katie:  I hope he doesn’t see this.  And Ghost, I’m a hopeless romantic.  You say anything and I will punch you for real.

Mac:  Jeremy’s biggest fear is getting knocked out by a girl!

Jeremy:  Ughhh, last one.  In St. Augustine, I hope…

Katie:  Haha, I agree with Mac!  ::winks::  And I hope things go good with Greg.  Yeah, well my flight is about to board, so nice meeting you both.

Jeremy:  Have a safe flight!  Thanks for stopping by!

**Want to learn more about Katie Wilder?  Check her out in the Paranormal Contact series found on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/author/jefftrelewicz!  Volume 2 is hot off the presses!

**Special thanks for Jeff Trelewicz for letting Katie stop on by!  Email him at trel67@gmail.com!


You can find all my work at http://www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston!


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