Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Jason Grant (Paranormal Contact Vol 1 and 2)

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Jeremy:  Happy (almost) Halloween everyone!  Welcome back to Epic Interviews! and with my today is another Paranormal crewmember, Mr. Jason Grant!  ::Cue canned applause::

Jason:  Well I wasn’t expecting that kind of welcome, but I’ll take it.  Thanks for having me.

Mac:  So, you’re the lead investigator when it comes to searching for the ghost evidence, right?

Jason:  Well I do have the most experience investigating the paranormal.  Until they met me, most didn’t even believe in this stuff.  So yeah, I just never thought of it like that.

Jeremy:  What made you get into this?  An event in your childhood?

Jason:  Every time I went over to my uncle’s house, he would tell me these stories.  They ranged from ghosts and aliens to Nessie and Bigfoot.  My first real encounter happened when I was a kid.  It might’ve been my imagination, but it sure felt like I saw something.

Jeremy:  The idea of running into a ghost gives me goose bumps.

Mac:  Are ghosts and the like more active at Halloween or is it just when we think about it more?

Jason:  Not me Jeremy:  Tanya tells me I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to ghosts.  ::everyone laughs::  As for the Halloween question, there’s no proof of it, but it makes sense doesn’t it?  We need more scary stuff this holiday.

Jeremy:  What is your take on aliens?  Are we alone in this universe?

Jason:  With al the worlds out there, there’s no way we’re alone.  What do you guys think?

Mac:  Oh yeah, there’s aliens out there.

Jeremy:  It makes sense.  The universe is too big.

Mac:  Which is easier to prove though, ghosts or aliens?

Jason:  ::high fives::  I’m glad you both agree.  The unfortunate part is both are hard to prove yet easy to fake.

Jeremy:  Can you give us an example of a hoax that fooled everyone?

Jason:  You know that video of Bigfoot walking in the field?

Jeremy:  Yeah, everyone’s seen it.

Jason:  My uncle showed it to me when I was a kid.  Turns out that was a fake.

Mac:  Oh bummer, that really stinks.

Jeremy:  No wonder people find it hard to believe in this type of stuff.

Jason:  Yeah things like that make it tough of guys like me who try to prove this stuff is real.  I mean c’mon, it was a guy in a monkey suit!

Jeremy:  Do you run into a lot of skepticism?  And if so, how do you confront it?

Jason:  Sadly there are more people who don’t believe in it than do.  Have you guys seen the video we shot out in Phoenix?

Mac:  Katie mentioned it yesterday, but we haven’t seen it ourselves.

Jeremy:  Yeah, we got the idea, it was a tad scandalous.

Jason:  A bit, haha!  I mean I think we did a good job of not showing the actual ‘act’ and focusing on the audio portion.  I was totally not comfortable with it the entire time.

Jeremy:  Leaving your love life behind, you’ve conquered Phoenix and now head to St. Augustine.  What do you hope to see or find?

Jason:  Yeah, we saw a spirit in Phoenix so the next stop would be to make contact with one.  Yeah, that’s what we’re hoping for.  Plus I get to see Tanya again.  It’s been a few months.

Mac:  Making contact would be really exciting.

Jeremy:  I guess my last question would be where does one make contact with a spirit and how?

Jason:  It helps to know where to go.  There are haunted places everywhere.  Also be friendly with them.  You know, introduce yourself.  Oh yeah and do your research.  There are definitely some spirits you wouldn’t want to make contact with!

**Want to learn more about Jason Grant?  Check him out in the Paranormal Contact series found on Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/author/jefftrelewicz!  Volume 2 is hot off the presses!

**Special thanks for Jeff Trelewicz for letting Jason stop on by!  Email him at jefftrel@gmail.com!


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