Epic Interviews! with Jeremy (featuring Dragonetz los Pros)

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Jeremy:  Good morning everyone and welcome to another Epic Interview!  Today we’ve gone back in time to bring you one cool dude – Dragonetz los Pros.  Welcome to the show my lord!

Dragonetz:  Good-day, my man.  I thank you for the courtesy with which you have welcomed me.  I’m finding the this time period unsettling.

Mac:  Don’t worry, we do too.

Jeremy:  You’ll get used to it, but I think people are more interested in your time period.  You look like a Crusader if I have my history right.

Dragonetz:  I followed my Liege, Alienor of Aquitaine into Crusade and because of… an unfortunate circumstance, I took over the command on the trek overland to Damascus.

Mac:  Whoa – that sounds intense!

Jeremy:  You seem upset about this though?

Dragonetz:  I am a Crusader, Jeremy, but I am not proud of that fact.

Jeremy:  Is it something you can talk about or get it off your chest?

Dragonetz:  My Liege gave me leave to tell the truth although it grieves me to speak ill of a man who was my first commander when I was very young.

Jeremy:  Let it all out man, you’ll feel better.

Dragonetz:  Our Commander, Lord Geoffroi de Rancon, did not wait at the pass as agreed but let Queen Alienor force him to continue onwards, to the camp on the plain.  We were the vanguard and the consequences were terrible.

Mac:  Was there nothing you could do?

Dragonetz:  I argued at the time but was young, lower in standing and we could not stop de Rancon continuing en route.  By the time I returned to the pass, having deserted camp, it was too late.

Jeremy:  I can tell you’re almost to the part that pains you the most.

Dragonetz:  The Turkish bandits had caught our heavy goods wagons at the pass, led by King Louis himself, and they were hard pushed to defend our army, diminished as it was.  That is where I gained my nickname – Los Pros or The Brave.

Jeremy:  It sounds like you did all you could.

Dragonetz:  We survived.  The vanguard came back – too late.  De Rancon was sent home in disgrace and I became Alienor’s Commander.  We were close at that time.

Jeremy:  What happened from there?

Dragonetz:  We pursued our route via ambush and betrayal to lay siege at Damascus.

Mac:  Are you and the Alienor not close anymore?

Dragonetz:  I was young.  All young men adored Alienor and all the troubadours sang for her.  She is my Liege Lord and holds a special place as Lord and woman but a girl in a ditch left no room for any other woman in my heart.

Jeremy:  Who is this mystery women?

Dragonetz:  (laughs) She is no misery now but I will never forget the moment I first saw her.  Topaz eyes blazing, rough from a night’s sleep in a ditch, that monstrous white dog showing his teeth beside her.  Then she drew her fingers across the oud – a type of lute – and sang.  A song at dawn nobody will forget.

Jeremy:  That sounds like the beginnings of a love story for the ages.

Dragonetz:  Estela de Matin, the troubadour who has sung for queens and princes.  The partner of my heart.  She still dazzles me.

Jeremy:  This story started out very somber, but it seems you’ve found happiness.

Dragonetz:  I have found my match, my joy.  The Crusade is in the past.  This is an exciting time to be alive with the Moorish inventions of paper and irrigation to improve our own way of life.  Estela has taken to medicine thanks to Moorish knowledge.  It is best not to visit her dispensary unless you wish detailed information on how leeches are used.

Mac:  No thank you!

Dragonetz:  And there is always fun to be had after a flagon of wine and a song or two.

Jeremy:  Ohhh a flagon of wine…

Dragonetz:  I don’t suppose you’d like me to sing?

Jeremy:  Put the wine down and no songs please.

Dragonetz:  Perhaps you’re audience is lily-livered and couldn’t handle it.

Jeremy:  Dragonetz, it’s been a joy to meet you and hear your story.

Dragonetz:  I always accept a challenge.  Good day to you.

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**Special thanks to Jean Gill for letting Dragonetz come on today.  To find out more about her and her books, hop on over to http://www.jeangill.com!

**If you’d like to know more about Dragonetz and his adventures, the first book in his series is free!  Click right here to grab it! http://smarturl.it/dawnsong


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