Star War Episode VII – The Force Awakens Theories


So, we’ve hit December and that means Star Wars mania is going to hit full swing.  Did you pre-order your tickets?  I did a few days ago and the Fandango site kept crashing on me.  Fortunately (or if you’re my wife Steph unfortunately) I was able to score two tickets for opening weekend.  I am so ready for this movie as I’m sure you are too.  But, as with anything like this, we’ve got lots of questions heading into it so I’m going to give you some of my thoughts and theories:

*Kylo Ren*

Ren has to be someone’s kid, right?  Is he a Skywalker (aka Luke’s son) who’s fallen to the darkside like his granddad did years ago?  Is he a Solo (well, I guess technically still a Skywalker since the mom would obviously be a certain Princess/General) kinda like what they did in the EU with Jacen?

Things we know – he worships Darth Vader and he’s got a badass lightsaber.  Apparently he’s also a member of the Order of Ren, some sort of darkside knight type faction.  And most importantly, he has a master/apprentice relationship with Supreme Commander Snoke (more on him on another post).  I think his obsession with Vader is telling, leading us to see him as either Luke or Leia’s kid.  Chances Kylo is a Skywalker?  65%


Ahh the junker on the desert planet of Jakku.  She HAS to be a Skywalker – this I’m almost sure of.  I get the feeling she is going to be the Luke type character who needs to first believe in herself and then she’ll go on to save the galaxy.

One of the most interesting parts of any of the trailers has to be that quick screenshot when Ren has his lightsaber up against Rey’s neck.  I hope I’m right that they are related, because they scene could have such huge emotion behind it.  Brother and sister (or cousins) on different sides of a galactic war, each with their own convictions and beliefs.  Will the bond between family win over or is the divide too deep?  If I’m wrong about this theory, I’ll put my book Power Play: Act 1 Svartalfheim up for free on Amazon.  Chances Rey is a Skywalker?  99.9%


Man Solo looks like he’s been to hell and back.  So much for happily ever after following ROTJ.  Don’t you all get the feeling that the war against the Empire never really ended?  That the First Order spawned out of the ashes and the New Republic never had a chance to catch it’s breath?  That’s my feeling seeing the trailers.

General Solo would be at the forefront of the fighting, that’s just Han’s style (after all, this is the guy who shoots first).  I have a bad feeling this might be his last ride in the main series.  Someone’s gotta die and honestly, Harrison Ford has been a bit outspoken in regards to the future of the character.  I expect him to go out guns blazing is a scene that will make even the toughest and coldest of us feel something.  Let the Falcon ride one more time into glorious battle!  Chances of Han dying?  75%


The last character I’m going to speculate on is Luke.  He’s not been in any trailer, except for a voice over.  J.J. is tightlipped on him and even Hamill hasn’t been able to say much.  Just where in all the galaxy is Luke Skywalker?

Couple of thoughts – something bad happened to him (ie his son going to the dark side maybe?) and he’s hiding in shame on some backwater planet.  Or maybe the galaxy didn’t want the Jedi to come back, so a majority of people turned their backs on him, sending him into exile.  Either way, Luke is not a darkside user, just no way.

Either way, Luke is going to be the glue character, when things go to hell in a hand basket, he’ll arrive to bring everyone together.  I don’t think he’ll bite the bullet, but I do see him taking over an Obi-Wan type role and eventually having his day in the sun in a lightsaber duel.

To sum it all up, no one but the actors and J.J. really have any idea what’s going to happen.  Let’s begin the countdown until we all discover the magic that is Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens!


Hopefully I won’t be giving Power Play away for free in a few weeks, but if I am, you’ll find it at!

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