Cheap Beer Thursday


Me – You know what I love?  Going into the grocery store and grabbing a cheap six pack of beer.  Nothing is better than getting good beer and a discounted price.  To join me in discussing this matter is my friend Jack Crosby (his blog –

Jack – I couldn’t agree more.  Being on the road a lot with limited funds, I try to always get a six pack that’s local to the city I’m in, but I try to keep the price below $7.99.

Me – I think the $7.99 rule is a good one.  If you can find a good beer at or below that price, you’ve done good son.

Jack – What would you recommend to anyone?

Me – If you haven’t tried it yet, I really like Rolling Rock.  It might have to do with it being a PA beer.

Jack – What a homer pick, but being from Jersey, I agree as well.  Rolling Rock is smooth, crisp, and has a nice aftertaste.

Me – It’s that being brewed in a glass lined tanks.  They do it right.  Something the parent company Busch could learn from.

Jack – Do you remember Red Dog?  That was the stuff back in the day.

Me – I don’t know if it’s still brewed, but man that stuff was cheap and good.  It was like the perfect poor college kid drink.

Jack – Oh yeah, Red Dog > Pabst which is still alive and kicking.

Me – There was a bar beside me in college that sold Pabst by the barrel full.  It took at least 5 people to empty that.

Jack – We would be remiss from stating Jeff’s (the other dude – favorite cheap beer: Bud Light.

Me – That’s an easy pick.  Though, I think they’ve gotten a bit pricey for what you’re getting.  $7.99 for Bud Light or $5.99 for Rolling Rock…

Jack – Rolling Rock everyday of the week, but they might not be everywhere either.

Me – I had a beer once called Polar, bought it at a drug store of all places.  That stuff was surprisingly good.

Jack – Polar?  Never heard of it, but I like to throw a shout out to Moose Head and the best slogan of all time: a beer in Canada and a misdemeanor in Minnesota.

Me – That is fantastic!  With a slogan like that, I bet they are incredibly popular close to the border.

Jack – I can get in in Chicago, so I’m sure.

Me – Thoughts of the champagne of beers?

Jack – The High Life?  No thank you.  I rate that down there with Natty Light.  If we’re going super cheap, I’ll take Ice House for $200 Alex.

Me – Ice House… yes!!!  I got a six pack for $3.99 the other day at Target.  Just as good as it was in college.

Jack – We sound like alkies, you know that right?

Me – It’s cool.  People come to my blog for useless info.

Jack – In that case, I hope we led them in the right direction for their cheap beer needs.

Me – I think we have.  Thanks for stopping by.

Jack – Anytime, now it’s back to work on my next book.  Can’t hold off on it any longer.

Me – Later Jack and have a good day readers.


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