The Puck Stops Here! Christmas Special

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*Christmas Special*

“Silent night, holy night…”  Yep, we were out caroling.  This was Stormy’s idea, not mine.  She somehow also cornered Darren and Spike into doing this too.

Old lady Jones didn’t seem all that impressed.  I really couldn’t blame her, Darren couldn’t carry a tune to save his life.  Spike was no angel either.

As we finished, “Well thanks for letting us sing to you.”  Stormy was so polite, even when Mrs. Jones gave her a look close to disgust.  “Well guys, on to the next house.”

This went on for another four houses before Stormy let us call it an evening.  Well, let Spike and Darren call it an evening.  As her boyfriend extraordinaire, I wasn’t off the hook yet.

“So with that done, let’s go back to your house and decorate your tree.”  She gave me the sweetest smile of all time.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be helping her.  “I don’t have a Christmas tree.”

The smile fell off her face like I just kicked a puppy.  “You don’t have a Christmas tree?”  The question was asked with a tad bit of disbelief.

I shrugged my shoulders.  “Never really felt the need to have one.  I just go over to my parents’ house if I want to see Christmas type stuff.”

Not even saying a word, Stormy grabbed my hand and pulled me off back towards town.  We didn’t stop until we came to a parking lot that had one of those big tents up.  Underneath were what was left of the trees for sale.

A used car dealer looking guy walked up to us.  “Some last minute shoppers eh?  We have really good deals on the trees we have left.”

I looked around and wasn’t impressed.  “These things like sickly and possibly dead.”

“Nonsense young man, these will last you all the way up until Christmas.”

“Good thing that’s only a few days away.”  He comment was met by a mitten enclosed hand covering my mouth.

Stormy grinned back at the sales guy.  “What my boyfriend means is we’re very interested in the best tree you have left.”

So Bob (what a salesman type name) led us to the far side of the lot.  There was a tree, maybe six feet tall, and mostly green.  It looked better than the rest, so fifty dollars later, I was carrying it up the street.

“The needles keep poking me.  Why wouldn’t he let us leave it there until we could go get your car?”

I heard a sigh from her general direction.  “Jimmy, Your house is only two blocks away.  We’re almost to your home.”

Well we did make it home and it took quite a bit of effort getting it up to the second floor, but in no time flat, I had a Christmas tree in my living room.

Stormy was rather pleased with herself.  “Doesn’t this feel so much better?”

There was a tree standing there, but it didn’t look Christmasy.  I couldn’t even say so before my door opened up; it was Darren, Spike, and Sunny, all carrying boxes of ornaments.  “We saw you carrying that tree Jimmy, so we figured you could use some decorations.”

“Thanks Darren!”  I took the ornaments from them and sat them down.  “Maybe you’re right Stormy, this does feel better.”

She gave me a kiss as we started decorating the tree.  Looking at all my friends in my apartment, I smiled; this is what Christmas is really all about.


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