Epic Interviews! with Jeremy: The Negative Man Takeover

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Jeremy:  So I was minding my own business when out of nowhere this angry talking snowman appears.  His breathe reeked of booze!

Jeff:  That’s next week’s guest, Frothy the Snowman.  Didn’t you get the email warning everyone to avoid him.

Jeremy:  Email?

Jack:  Yeah, we all got one yesterday.

Jeremy:  Hmmm, well anyways, that is one rough snowman.

Jack:  I hear he beat up an elf named Elmer the other day.  That’s not very festive.

Jeff:  And then there’s poor Randolph the Reindeer.  He got straight up deernapped.

Jeremy:  That isn’t at all what we want to promote for Christmas.

::static cuts in over the microphones – studio goes dark::

?:  I’ve had enough of this holiday nonsense.  This show makes me sick!

Jeremy:  Where’s that voice coming from?

Jeff:  I don’t know, but I lost control of the recording equipment!

Jack:  ::zapped::  Ahh – my mic just shocked me!

?:  Your primitive technology is no match for me.  It is best if the three of you clowns just sit there and let me handle the talking.

Jeremy:  But this is my  ::zapped::  Ahhhh!  Fine, we’ll shut up.

?:  Finally.  ::voice drops::  Dark Lion, I know everything there is about you and your day is coming.

Jeff:  Oh crap, it’s The Negative Man!

Negative Man:  Very good producer man.  As the days tick down, my return is so much closer at hand.  Pacific Station is just the beginning, the gateway to the rest of my plan.  If you wish to see the peace I will bring, do not interfere.

Jeremy:  We have no intentions of interfering.

Negative Man:  Is that so?  Then why did you allow Jericho Staley and John Wonderton to come on this broadcast and speak ill of me?

Jack:  It was Jeff’s idea.

Jeff:  Would you stop throwing me under the bus?!

Negative Man:  Didn’t I kill you already?  No matter, the three of you have been warned.  The next time I listen in, I better like what I hear.

::static cut out – light return to normal::

Jeremy:  Umm guys, what just happened?

Jeff:  It looks like someone hacked into our servers and overtook the controls.  I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Jack:  Well that’s all the time we have for today.  I’d like to thank The Negative Man for dropping by and giving us a pep talk.

Jeff:  Crosby!  What’re you doing?

Jack:  Saving my skin, that’s what.  I’m an unpaid intern.

Jeremy:  As Jack said, thanks for listening in and remember Epic Interviews! with Jeremy is sponsored by Negative Man brand domination.  If you can’t beat him, join him.

Jeff:  You too?!


You’re either with him or against him.  Do the right thing and join The Negative Man army – pre-order your copy today on the Kindle for just 99 cents: http://www.amazon.com/Negative-Man-Pacific-Station-Vigilante-ebook/dp/B018XQAGTW/


About Jeremy Croston

I'm a comic loving, soccer playing, devoted husband who has a writing addiction. I can be found at Orlando Solar Bear hockey games, at the local sports bar cheering on my teams from Philly (go Flyers!), and being led astray by my schnauzer, JJ. Check out my Amazon page at www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston to see my collections. Feel free to friend me on Facebook too at www.facebook.com/jcroston2 (there is another one of me out there apparently). Outside of writing, I work in business development and am considered an expert in all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to talking to you soon!
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