Blogcast #1 – Awesome Stuff of the 80’s and Early 90’s! (part 1)

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Jeremy:  Hey everybody, welcome to the first ever Blogcast, hosted by the guys of Two Dudes, Brews, & Books.  First thing, if you enjoy this, feel free to check out our regular weekly podcast at  But on to today’s topic, the first of a two part episode – Awesome Stuff of the 80’s and Early 90’s.  Jeff, it was a time period that really was something awesome, huh?

Jeff: Of course it was. There’s so many great things that came out in the 80’s and early 90’s. While this is the first of a two parter, for us to fully discuss all the awesome things it would be the first of 18,312 parts! Roughly.

Jeremy:  Naturally, but let’s start somewhere easy.  Do you remember Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?  The original series that is and not this crap they try to foist on us these days.


Jeff: Of course I do. Though I will admit that I never watched it. Kids today have reboots of all the good stuff that we grew up on. It’s just not the same!

Jeremy:  The original series was campy, cheesy, but in that goofy 90’s way.  You’re so right about the reboots though.  I mean, nothing is as good as the original, but yet they keep trying to pump this crap down our throats.  FYI – The original Pink Ranger was rather hot back in the day.

Jeff: Campy and cheesy are fine if they’re done right. It just wasn’t my thing, I guess. But I had no problem with the series. And no, nothing is ever as good as the original. I believe you’re referring to Amy Jo Johnson? And if you are, I have no arguments there!

Jeremy:  I certainly am and Tommy, that punk, never deserved her love!  Ahem, getting back on track…

Jeff: Focus!

Jeremy – Maybe number 2 on the list is a more familiar topic – Pizzaria chips by Keebler.  Those things were the bomb!


Jeff- If you thought eating Nacho Cheese Doritos could get messy. The Pizzaria chips were worse but oh so worth it. If you ask me!

Jeremy:  And we are!  Can you imagine now, at the legal drinking ages that we are, if they were still available?  It would be glorious, worthy of the praise of the Almighty Thor!

Jeff: That would be cool. I mean I like pizza and beer and those pizza chips were the next best thing!

Jeremy:  Pizza, beer, and pizza chips all at the same time?  ::mind blown::

Jeff: Clean up in aisle five!

Jeremy:  The best part about those chips was the fact Keebler used real pizza dough to bake the chips and authentic pizza seasonings.  Oh man, please bring them back Keebler!

Jeff: If you do, Keebler… we will find a way to put product placement in both our new books. Come on! Make it happen!

Jeremy:  Jeff, we’ve talked about TV and food.  As the movie expert, what film strikes you as the one from that time period?  Like if you were going to show the grandkids years from now, that movie would be…

Jeff: I feel bad for kids of today. Like we said, there’s nothing original for them. They are getting the hand me downs from our generation. We’re getting a new Ghostbusters soon that will never top the original. And there are rumors of a third Gremlins movie with the original cast and the persistant rumor of a follow up to the Goonies as well. Three classic movies from my youth that have stood the test of time.


Jeremy:  Ghostbusters – that was a classic.  That movie could be shown tomorrow in theatres and it would sell well.  Not Star Wars well mind you, but it would do better numbers than 90% of the stuff they put out now.

Jeff: Well in fairness, nothing is Star Wars well. Think how long it took Avatar to top Titanic’s top box office. Like two months. The Force Awakens is about to top Avatar in like three weeks worth of time.

Jeremy:  Full disclosure, I hated Avatar.

Jeff: Full disclosure. I never saw it. Or Titanic.

Jeremy:  I’ve never seen Titanic.  Why see a movie when I know the ship’s going to sink at the end, am I right?

Jeff: SPOILER ALERT! Come on man! I had no idea!

Jeremy:  Oh sorry.  I guess those damn history books ruined that movie for everyone.

Jeff: There were rumors several years ago that a Special Edition Titanic was coming on DVD that had an alternate ending. I thought maybe it was that the ship didn’t sink.


Jeremy:  Was that the ending where the aliens saved the ship?

Jeff: I do believe that it was!

Jeremy:  Well Jeff, like I said before this was just part 1.  Next week we’ll entertain the audience with some more of our top choices from the 80’s and 90’s.

Jeff: Have a good one everybody!

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