The Negative Man – The Story Continues

Good morning everyone!  After yesterday’s exciting news about becoming a dad, I gotta follow that up with something awesome.  So, the best way I know how to do that is deliver on a promise I made a few weeks ago.  It’s time to start the supplemental story arcs to The Negative Man.  The Dark Lion series “Rise of the Lion” is already up and running on Wattpad, so today we focus on…

::spoiler alert!::

For those of you who haven’t read The Negative Man, don’t go any further unless you don’t mind the entire plot being blown up.  The WordPress series is going to focus on the titular character and how he became the evil man he is now.

Two Dudes, Brews, & Books Presents:

Project Jericho Cover

Issue #1

**5 Years Old** 

“His readings are off the charts!  It’s just as we feared…”

I looked over at Dr. Leonard Cooper, “He’s still just a child, torn away from his mother.”

Cooper’s glare focused me on.  “Don’t confuse this experiment with an actual human child, Ellison.  You saw what happened when he got angry.  Damn near blew the roof off this place.”

No matter what Dr. Cooper said, I saw a scared young boy who just wanted to go home.  The worst part was I knew how much Miranda missed her son, one she hadn’t even got around to naming before we took him away.  “Can you blame him?  All we do is poke and prod.  We need to give him something meaningful to do.”

Beside us was General Lambert Talon.  He was a reasonable man who usually saw both sides of the coin.  “Dr. Cooper, Dr. Staley’s right.  If we give the boy books or try to give him an education or sorts, it might help calm him.”

“Are the two of you suggesting that we give him access to information?  Are you crazy?”

I knew the root of Dr. Cooper’s anger.  He had lost a great many friends the day the electron generator exploded and the boy was his outlet to unleash his anger.  “I’m telling you every child wants structure.  And they want an identity.  It wouldn’t hurt to call him something else besides boy or kid.”

The three of us were watching the boy behind the one way mirror.  He was sitting in the corner, bored of course, and he began to play with his hands.  Sparks of energy arced between them, like visible static electricity.  Yet it wasn’t electricity, not any kind we’d seen before.  “If he had something to do, he wouldn’t be doing that.”

General Talon agreed with me.  “Cooper, Staley, I want that kid occupied.  Get him books and get me a volunteer to act as his teacher.  Idle hands…”

“I’ll teach him Talon.  Besides Cooper, I know his gifts the best and how to protect myself should something go awry.”

Talon looked over at Cooper who shrugged.  “There’s no way in hell you’ll get me to go in there.”

“Fine.”  Talon reached his hand out to shake mine.  “Dr. Staley, you’ve got yourself a new student.”

Later that day I returned to the containment unit, this time entering and not going into observation.  At the sound of the door opening, the young boy jumped, scared.  “Who are you?”

I had a book, one my mother used to read me when I was about his age in my hands.  “I’m Dr. Ellison Staley.  And who might you be?”

I knew there was no answer coming, but it was best to keep the front going.  He scrunched up his forehead, thinking.  “I don’t have a name mister.”

“Oh really?  Everyone has a name.”

“Not me.  The people out there just call me boy.”  I saw a spark of anger in his eyes.  He was too young to have to deal with this.

I sat down beside him on the floor.  “I brought you a book.  Have you ever read one before?”

He looked at the funny little dog on the cover.  “No.”

“Well let me tell you a little about this one then.  It’s special because it’s about a puppy named Jericho who saves the day.”

He put his hand out, rubbing the cover of the book where the dog was.  “He looks silly.  I like him.”

A smile crossed my face.  “Then this can be your first book.  Would that make you happy?” 

“Yes.”  He took the book in his hands.  The anger that was there moments ago faded into pure happiness.  “I want to be like Jericho one day mister and save the day!”

“Keep this feeling in your heart and one day you just might be.”

*Issue #2 will be out on February 2nd!


You want more Negative Man?  Check out Rise of the Lion on Wattpad and City of Chaos is available on Amazon (


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