Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Victor Inglewood

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Jeff:  Man do I have a guest for you today!

Jeremy:  Last time you said that Derrick Grimm popped out from behind the curtain.  I’m going to need more than just your word on this one.

Jeff:  (looking backstage) Hey Jack, bring him out.

::Jack and the mystery guest arrive – it’s the star of The Inglewood Chronicles, Victor Inglewood::

Jeremy:  Holy sh*!, you actually booked us a real star!  I take back the awful things I said about you on social media this morning!

Jeff:  Wait, what did you sa-

Jeremy:  Nevermind.  Vic Inglewood, it’s a pleasure to have you on Epic Interviews this morning.  Please have a seat.

Vic:  Morning fellas.  Glad to be here this fine winter’s day.

Jeremy:  It’s been awhile since you were on last.  How the heck are you doing?

Vic:  To be honest Jeremy, it’s been a rough road.  I don’t want to go into too much detail, but let’s just say I’m glad to be around some regular old humans, not werewolves and vampires.

Jack:  Hey Vic, being the new guy and all, could you tell me a little bit about what’s going on?

Vic:  That only seems fair, doesn’t it Jack?  Well, life was simple and I was the sheriff of Full Moon, a town of werewolves in New Mexico.  Then life got tricky when a vampire named Liz showed up.  She was trying to track done some serial killer and enlisted me.

Jeremy:  That was Warren Tucker right?

Vic:  Old Warren, yep.  He’s a nasty piece of work, but nothing like some of the stuff I’ve been dealing with lately.

Jeremy:  Speaking of nasty pieces of work, a few months ago Pan was here.

Vic:  (low growls come from him)  Pan, he might as well be my nemesis at this point.  That little heathen vampire’s done some awful things to both me and my loved ones.

Jeff:  According to his Wikipedia page, he was stranded on an island called Forever Ever Land.

Vic:  That’s what the old vampires called it, but since then it’s taken on the more recognizable Neverland.  And yes sir, he was on that island for a very long time.  Wish he was still there if we’re being honest.

Jeremy:  Between Tucker and Pan, it seems like you got your hands full.

Vic:  Jeremy, you wouldn’t believe half the stuff I’ve gotten myself into this year already.  I’m due for a vacation.

Jeremy:  How’s are favorite vampire girl Liz doing?

Vic:  She’s holding her own.  She’s had some issues with the older vampires back in London, so yeah.  (leans in) Between me and you, vampires aren’t easy critters to deal with.  I guess when you live that long, you develop all sorts of baggage.

Jeremy:  A woman who lives forever, hot damn.  Oh man, bless you sir for dealing with that.

Vic:  My dad Callum says I should be up for sainthood.  Though he’s pretty whipped by mom, so…

Jeremy:  Well women issues aside, you obviously got back from your latest adventure.  Seeing as how you’re alive, it went well?

Vic:  You’re right about being grateful to be alive, but sometimes things happen that change you.  I don’t know whether it’s for better or worse yet.

Jeremy:  That was rather ominous.

Jack:  You okay, you look a bit pale?

Vic:  Thanks for your concern guys, but I’ll be fine.  Just need to take some time to get my head back on straight.

Jeremy:  Well, if you’re looking for a place to vacation, stay away from Pacific Station.  That place is a disaster.

Vic:  Thanks for the info.  Knowing me that way I do, I’ll probably hole up somewhere in the desert.  I enjoy the temperatures.  It’s a dry heat you know?

Jeremy:  Well thanks for stopping by Vic, it’s always a pleasure to have you.

Vic:  Anytime my man.  Like I said, glad to be doing something normal.

Jeff:  I never thought I’d hear someone call the three of us normal?

*You can join Victor on his next adventure on Tuesday February 16th.  The Curse of Oberon will be available in paperback and on the Amazon Kindle.

The Curse of Oberon (Kindle cover)


You can find all of Vic’s adventures plus many other cool books at http://ucfgk04.wix.com/twodudesbrewsbooks!


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