The Negative Man: Project Jericho #3

Usually I get right to the story but today I’m leading in with a bit of a preface.  This issue is so important to what’s to come that I wanted to emphasize that to you.  As you know, Dr. Cooper and Dr. Ellison aren’t seeing eye to eye on anything.  What Dr. Cooper does next will help shape the entire next novel in the series.  As I said at the end of City of Chaos, before we can go to the future, the past must reveal itself…

Project Jericho Cover

**11 Years Old** 

The tension between me and Dr. Cooper was as thick as it could get.  “You’re developing a way to kill the boy?”

He wouldn’t back down.  “Once again you let your feelings for the boy blind you.”  He was going to try and reason with me it seemed.  “The threat of these super powered people is escalating every day.  The after effects of the nuclear meltdowns all those years ago is only just showing its ugly head.”

Jericho received his powers in a very unique way; he hadn’t been born yet when the facility his mother worked at exploded.  The electron generator they were testing went critical and his powers were a side effect from all the energy that escaped.  Most powered people were the results of the vast number of nuclear meltdowns the country experienced years ago.  Each day, a headline was front page on an accident or worse involving one of them.

But that still wasn’t the answer – putting them down like rabid dogs.  “We need to learn more about them before you start a mass genocide.”

He threw the manila folder on the desk in-between us.  Written in big, bold letters was the title of his secret project: The Stormfall.  “Whether you like it or not Ellison, we need a fallback in the event this situation gets worse.  It could be the boy or any number of others out there that tries to do something catastrophic.”

Even if he had a reasonable point, I couldn’t in good consciousness endorse such measures.  I opened his file, just to see what ‘humane’ way he came up with.  “This is your answer?”

“Like it or not, this is the best way to protect our country and the citizens living here.”  He poked me in the chest.  “When you took a job here at this facility, you signed up to study and protect everyone oblivious to the threats.”

Frustrated, I read again at his proposal.  The Stormfall, as he called it, was an event in which a super operating at his full potential could be killed if hit with an attack that breaks the sound barrier.  The name Stormfall comes from the theorized after effect; the energy released into the atmosphere would create arcs of far reaching lightning that would be deadly to all in the area.

“This is suicide.  First to find someone with the ability to create an attack that would break the sound barrier is a fairy tale.  Second, based on your model here, the chances of that person surviving the fallout will be nil.”

He grabbed his research away from me.  “I thought you of all people would understand the logic.  One life is not more important than millions of lives.”  He looked as if to say something more, but thought better of it.  He left the lab, slamming the door behind him.

With the bad taste in my mouth of our conversation, I too left.  Making my way down to Jericho’s room, I decided it was time to run a few more tests on how his powers were coming along.  He was eagerly waiting for me when I arrived.  “Dr. Staley, do we get to shoot some more electricity?”

I had another idea.  “Actually Jericho, I was curious to see just how in-depth your powers are.  Have you ever tried to turn a computer on with just your mind?”


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