Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Maggie (viewer discretion advised)

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Jeremy:  (sips coffee) So the groundhog didn’t see it’s shadow?  Interesting.

Jeff:  What are you doing?

Jeremy:  Catching up on the news from the past month.  I like it get it over in one sitting.  Makes it easier on me.

Jeff:  You know we have a show in like five minutes right?

Jack:  Guys, the guest is out on stage waiting.  What’s going on?

Jeremy:  I’ll tell you what’s going on, a lack of professionalism.  Jeff, why didn’t you come get me sooner?  As producer, this is on you.

Jeff:  I hate my job.

::Jeremy walks out on to the set::

Jeremy:  Good morning!  Welcome to another edition of Epic Interviews!  Today we have a special guest all the way from future Earth, Maggie!  I take it you didn’t have any trouble finding the Gamer Cave?

Maggie:  No not at all, unlike Jackson or my ass-hat brothers, if coordinates can’t be entered into the ship’s navigation, I don’t mind asking for directions.

Jeremy:  Excellent.  Now the reason you’re here today is because the story of how you and Jackson met is being shared with the masses.  How do you feel having your story told to everyone?

Maggie:  I feel good about it.  It’s important for women to know that they can be both independent and strong while being submissive to their mates.  Submissive doesn’t equal weak.

Jeremy:  Now you were cool enough to give us an advanced copy of your tale, which is an excellent read by the way.  So you own your own bar – tell me, what’s the most popular drink you have?

Maggie:  Believe it or not, for a biker bar it’s a fruity drink with an umbrella in it.  It’s made from a fermented moon fruit processed by a former sex worker called the Spurilian Moon.  The lady who makes it says it really uplifts the ‘warrior’s spirit’ if you know what I mean?

Jeremy:  Fermented moon fruit?  I’ve heard it all.  With the amount of booze you serve, does it lead to any problems in the bar?  If so, how do you handle them?

Maggie:  Not at all, because if they did, I’d kick all their asses.  Besides, that particular drink is an end of the evening kind thing, if you catch my drift…  ::wink::

Jeremy:  To be honest, you could probably whoop all three of us here.  Why don’t you share with everyone the biggest fight you’ve been in.

Maggie:  Probably the time I had three drunk Grimaldians being housed with my father’s warriors in the bar.  How they ended up in my bar, I’ll never know, but when a Grimaldian gets drunk and feels amorous, they aren’t too picky about who scratches that itch.  Probably has something to do with them being hermaphrodites but I could be wrong.

Jeremy:  That’s a first for this show.

Maggie:  Anyway, some of my regulars got upset by it and all hell broke loose.  Frick and Frack, two of my fathers warriors, were able to get the Grimaldians to safety, but I got to crack some skulls in the process.

Jeremy:  Holy crap, are you sure you aren’t a warrior?

Maggie:  My father, brothers, and every other Ramelian Warrior would say absolutely not.  Women have no place on the battlefield, blah blah blah.  They think we are weak and need to be protected at all times.

Jeremy:  That’s a bit over bearing.

Maggie:  Thankfully Jackson is a bit more progressive and thinks it’s hot when I kick someone’s ass, but he does get cranky when I “put myself in danger.”  Overall, it’s cool because I definitely take after my Remelian side, except for height.  Yeah a few inches would’ve been great.

Jeremy:  Before we wind this down, would you care to demonstrate any self-defense techniques on old Jack over there?

Jack:  Hell no!  I’m an unpaid intern damnit, not a punching bag.

Jeremy:  Oh well, it was worth a shot.  How about you share some parting words with us and everyone listening.

Maggie:  I wouldn’t hurt you Jackie.  ::wink::  Ya know, Roxanne and I should have a girls night out sometime soon.

Jack:  That would be an epic disaster.

Maggie:  As for my final words, hmmmm.  I guess that I’m head over heels for Jackson.  It took a while to get there, but we made it.  Love conquers all.

Jeremy:  Those are some excellent final words.  And hey no one got injured today!  Wrap it up before that changes!

*Maggie is the star in Morganna William’s newest book, His Rebellious Mate which is due out tomorrow 2/26.  If you’d like more information, check out her website at http://www.morgannawilliams.com!


You can find all my published work at http://www.amazon.com/author/jeremycroston!



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One Response to Epic Interviews! with Jeremy featuring Maggie (viewer discretion advised)

  1. jefftrel says:

    Been a while since we had an Epic Interview. Glad to see I still have a job!


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