Zoom – You Fooled Us All


By now, if you’re a fan of The Flash, you know we’ve been duped once again.  Someone we all came to trust turned out to be this season’s big bad.  Yeah, I’m talking about you Jay Garrick.  First Wells screws with us last year and now you.  From the moment the show dropped Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger as Hunter Zoloman, I had a bad feeling about things.  But is it all it’s cracked up to be?  To find out, once again we must delve deeper into the story…

Theory 1 – Earth-2 Jay is really Jay and Earth-1 Hunter is Zoom

This would explain a lot.  First, Zoom ‘kills’ Jay when the team closes all the breaches, so this would tie up the loose end of the 2nd Jay.  I guess my problem with this one is it seems almost too easy.  I mean, how often is the big secret revealed and its already got a tidy backstory to it?  The other problem is how did Hunter get to Earth-2 before Barry opened the breach?  I don’t know if there’s a logical way to portray that.

zoom logo

That’s one sick logo!

Theory 2 – The Speedster Mirage Theory

We all know from last year that speedsters can go fast enough to create a mirage, as if in two places at once.  I get the feeling Zoom is way faster than Thawne, so this wouldn’t be much of a problem for him.  It still doesn’t really answer the question of whose body he dumps on the ground and proclaims that’s a problem.  For that reason alone I feel we can toss this theory out too.  See, talking things out is productive!

Theory 3 – Time Travel

They wouldn’t use this again on us would they?  I mean a future Zoom doesn’t come back and accidently kill himself does he?  This one would be far-fetched and a tough pill to swallow.  I’m not saying I’d be pissed if they did this, but it would have to be done so well that it overcomes a lot of ‘copout’ and ‘cheapness’ to win over a lot of fans.  Actually, the only reason I bring this up is for the hopes this isn’t the right theory.

Theory 4 – Iron Mask is Jay Garrick and the Zolomans were Working Together

I think we all can agree that the guy in the iron mask is probably the real Jay Garrick.  Barry promised to go back and save him and I really believe he will.  As for the Zolomans working together, maybe?  Didn’t ‘Jay’ seem like a kid on Christmas day when he was able to gain access to the speed?  Like someone who’d never experienced it before?  Again, I might be pulling at straws, but would it be so shocking to see Zoom manipulate his Earth-1 counterpart and then kill him?  That seems pretty in character to me.


Does this look like the face of a killer to you?!

These are all just my insane theories.  Feel free to share them, mock them, or even suggest your own Zoom related thoughts.

That’s all for today, class dismissed.


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