The Time Traveler’s Journal – Review and Preorder Info


We are just one week away from the next offering being available in the Two Dudes, Brews, & Books Library.  So it is with great pleasure that today, I do a review of the book and hook you up with the link so you can preorder yourself if you’d like.  With that in mind…


The Time Traveler’s Journal by Jeff Trelewicz

Intensity, thy name is Shane Barr.  He’s the main character of the story and he’s a man on a mission.  Shane is everything good, wholesome people shouldn’t be: he swears, he’s rude, and he’s secretive.  But all of that makes him a compelling main character.  What’s got him so wound up you might ask?  Well, that’d be a spoiler and I’m not giving that away.

The other big name character we get to know right away is Professor Catherine Donato.  She’s mid 30’s and I think is in the middle of a midlife crisis.  She enjoys going to bars where she can eat wings and drink beer (what guy can resist that kinda lady?!).  That’s how she ends up meeting the one and only Shane.

These two come from different worlds and honestly shouldn’t connect.  However, Catherine has some of her own problems that make Shane seem like a very attractive option.  The problem is she’s married.  That’ll always get ya.

The two of them together bring chemistry to the pages.  Shane’s an author, one who wants to write an authentic story about time travel and Prof. Donato has just the students who can help him.  Because of their connection, she feels it’s okay to introduce them.  Through a very candid and blunt sorting process, we end up with four students who fit the bill.

This is a very hard sci-fi novel.  Jeff does an amazing job in explaining the theories behind time travel and using the students as conduits to put all the information together.  The book moves fast, is detailed oriented, and has this heavy atmosphere that lingers over the entire time.  There is this inevitable feeling that when the shoe finally drops, there’s going to be a lot of consequences for everyone’s actions.

I’m not going to rate the book, as that would be insane due to this being my business partner.  What I will say is everything about this novel was well done.  Right from the first page, we’re thrown into a mystery/thriller/sci-fi offering that blurs the line on everything.  It’s an ode back to a movie like The Butterfly Effect.  If you’ve ever had the slightest interest in time travel, then The Time Traveler’s Journal might just be the book you’re looking for.

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