Epic Interviews with Jerem…err Jeff! Featuring Shane Barr (The Time Traveler’s Journal)

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Jeremy:  (looking over paper) Well since this guy is your friend Jeff, why don’t you take the lead today?

Jeff: Really? Do you think I’m ready for this? (pause) Wait, yeah I’m ready for it! So, bring in my guest!

::from backstage a rather haggard looking man approaches::

Jeremy:  Jeff, is this the guy?  He looks like he might be drunk…

Jeff: I think so. Is your name Shane Ba….

Shane: Shane Barr? Yeah, that’s me. (To Jeremy) I take exception to that. It was… it was long night, last night.

Jeff: Nice to meet you Shane. Tell us a little about yourself?

Shane: I’m a local author. Just moved to the area… Doing some research for my first book. What else are you looking for?

Jeremy:  Well Shane, we normally tell a little more about ourselves than just that.  Anything in particular you’re writing about?

Shane: Sorry. I’m not used to this kind of attention. Um. Yeah. The book is about a time traveler. It’s a cool science fiction book. At least I hope it’s cool. I hope it will keep you guessing until the end.

Jeff: I like time travel. What about time travel inspired this book?

Shane: (quietly) Oh if you only knew….

Jeff: What was that?

Shane: Oh nothing. It was nothing. Just always loved the idea of time travel. What about you guys?

Jeremy:  Time travel is a really cool subject.  I’d go back in time and experience some of the greatest moments in history.  I wouldn’t interfere, but just to say I was there you know?  Maybe like even a Super Bowl game or an assassination, something that meant a lot to the people.

Shane: What? Why did you just say assassination?

Jeremy:  You know, because that’s one of those moments everyone remembers.  Why are you getting weird again?

Shane: I’m not getting weird again… I just don’t know why anyone would want to witness such a horrific event. Without at least trying to prevent it from happening.

Jeff: Haven’t you heard of the Butterfly Effect?

Shane: Of course I have. I just think the world would be a better place if fewer assassinations too place. That’s all.

Jeremy:  I mean I agree, but I’d be worried about really messing things up worse, you know?

Shane: Did you ever think about how it would improve things though?

Jeff: I’m with Jeremy. I’d be afraid of making things worse.

Shane: Well, I guess I stand alone then!

Jeremy:  Besides time travel, what other interest do you have?  Perhaps a lady in your life?

Shane: I seem to have grown an affinity towards tennis balls…

Jeff: You play tennis?

Shane: I didn’t say that. Did I? As far as a lady in my life… I have an eye on someone. It’s not meant to be. Besides, I’m not entirely over my ex.

Jeremy:  I think we all can agree about ex’s being messy situations.  It seems we’re running short on time, so is there any last minute things you’d like to share with us or the viewers at home?

Shane: Hold on to those you hold dear. And be truthful. Yeah. That’s about it. Thanks.

(Shane leaves)

Jeff: Yeah, he was definitely a bit out there, wouldn’t you say?

Jeremy: Dude I thought I was you’re weirdest friend…

*Want to know more about Shane Barr and what he’s really up to?  Head on over to Amazon and check out The Time Traveler’s Journal by Jeff Trelewicz today!




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