Two Dudes, Brews, & Books (Semi)Weekly Update!


Hey hey hey readers and burrito fans alike!  It’d been awhile but I figured it was time for another Weekly Update.  First and foremost, Jeff and I were yapping about The Flash this morning and holy crap – SPOILER – they actually gave Zoom Barry’s speed.  So now we got normal, non-hero Barry along with an overcharged Zoom.  Plus, did it bother anyone how they never even mentioned the fact Barry disappeared into Supergirl’s world for like two days and no one said squat about it?


“Your speed feels so good!”

Anyways, I digress once again.  On to the book related stuff!  First up, The Time Traveler’s Journal was released two weeks ago and already is being met with some pretty nice reviews.  Our very own Jack Crosby gives it 5 stars and this gem of a quote:

“A lot of books have lessons and what not, this one’s is don’t screw with time, it’ll screw you right back. “

Speaking of Jack Crosby, I’m sad to say that he’s putting his writing career on hold for now.  He and his dad own their own business and as it is growing rapidly, he felt he couldn’t put in the time required to make good stories.  God speed Jack and come back whenever you’re ready!

Finally, The Negative Man: Stormfall hit the Kindle Store yesterday for preorders!  As you know, this project is very near and dear to my heart.  Stormfall picks up not quite a year after the events of City of Chaos.  It follows our main guy Jericho once again, but deviates here and there for a new character is plays a very important part.  Below is the full cover, but if you haven’t ready City of Chaos yet, beware of some major spoilers.

stormfall cover

Well banditos, that’s all I got for today.  Jeff and I brought back the newsletter yesterday and if you want to be included on it (it’s a once a month dealio and pretty tame – we don’t want to take up your time!) shoot me your email ( and I’ll add you on the list.  Until next time, take of yourself and each other!


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