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So as many of you know my wife is pregnant and later this year (August in fact) we’ll be introducing our little boy to the world.  With that in mind, I’ve made the bold decision to do what few guys before me have done: coupon.

My wife and I were pretty smart and savvy shoppers before, but with Jakson coming, I thought there’s probably more we can do to save and begin stockpiling a nest egg.  So I enlisted the help of a few good people and began my adventure.

The first thing I was told is pick a store and stick with it.  Going to five different stores is a waste of gas and time.  Sure, you might be able to get 800 toothbrushes or 394 rolls of toilet paper, but I want to be smart not a hoarder.  For my purposes, I picked the supermarket Publix, one popular in Florida.  So each week I’d grab there daily ad and peruse it for the best deals.

Buy One Get One

The BOGO is like the best deal possible according to my mentor.  Get one for this week and freeze one for next week if its meats or produce.  Pastas and other nonperishables?  That’s what a pantry is for.  Soon you’ll have a backstop of crap that’ll help keep those bills down.

Manufacturer’s Coupons

This one takes a bit of work.  Have some favorite brands?  Go to their websites and chances are they’ll have some coupons to print out to reduce the cost of your favorite things.  Be warned, you’ll have to sign up for emails and what not, but make up an address just for that smut and you’ll be gold.


Places like and the make it easy to see them all in one place.  Give yourself like 30 minutes and use the category buttons for crying out loud.  I mean, if you don’t have a dog or kids, why do you want or look through the millions of diaper coupons?

In-Store Rebates

Sometimes the store will slap $2 off this or 50 cents off that right on the stuff.  Keep an eagle eye out and grab those deals if you need ’em.  You’ll see this a lot of meats and refrigerated stuff.

The Sunday Paper

Depending on your city, the Sunday paper will have tons of great stuff in it ready for you to clip out.  Granted, the blasted thing costs twice as much as a regular paper and is normally filled with other junk you don’t need, but it’s worth it (I think?).  Hell, it’s the only paper worth buying honestly, so quit your griping and go get it.

Well, these are just a few tips to help you get started.  Everyone has their own process so feel free to share back with what works for you.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go print off a few Capri Sun coupons.  $2 off if you buy two cases or more… hmmmm.

**Coupons are great, but The Negative Man: Stormfall is even better.  It’s up for preorder at  Use that grocery savings and get your copy today!

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