Down Goes Frazier – Golovkin Magic!

down goes frazier

It’s been a good long time since I covered a boxing match, but Saturday night I was able to watch Gennady Golovkin take on Dominic Wade over on HBO.  Sweet mercy was that ever a mismatch.  Wade had nothing to offer, much like the racks of meat Rocky Balboa used to beat up in Paulie’s factory.  At the end of the almost two rounds of sparring, Gennady got him out of there in impressive fashion.  Wade might’ve been able to keep going, but the look on his face told the story – get me the hell out of here.

After the fight, we are left wondering where does this unstoppable force go from here?  I have a few ideas on what I’d like to see:

Canelo Alvarez

The guy is the “so called middleweight” champion as virtue of his win over Miguel Cotto last year.  The WBC came out today and said if Canelo doesn’t fight Gennady next, we’re taking our belt from you.  As a guy who’s never shied down from a fight, I’d really be disappointed if Canelo turned his back on this fight.  A boxer-puncher versus a powerful counter-puncher would be must see TV.  The problem?  Oscar De la Hoya doesn’t want his boy to fight Gennady yet and Canelo has also been fighting at these ridiculous catchweights.  Cross your fingers that this can happen.

Billy Joe Saunders

The WBO champ turned down a career payday to fight Gennady this spring.  He was supposed to fight a fringe contender in April but he got hurt.  Billy Joe has two redeemable options – rematch with Chris Eubank or Gennady.  He beat Eubank once, but I doubt he pulls that trick again.  And no offense to him, but if he’s an underdog to (a very good boxer) Eubank, he’d be seen as a sacrifice to Gennady.  Still he should go where the money is and that’d be a unification match with GGG.

Danny Jacobs

Danny has been living the good life with Al Haymon and PBC.  Not too long ago he sparked Peter Quillin inside one round for a very impressive KO.  Technically, he should be the mandatory challenger for Gennady’s WBA belt, but no one seems to be in a hurry to enforce that.  Still, Jacobs is a savvy boxer with good pop.  Of the three good options, I feel he has the most to offer Gennady in terms of legit match.  The question here is will Al Haymon let one of his golden geese fly and take a risk against a very formidable foe?  The magic eight ball says “not likely.”

So there we go – three top rate contenders but each presents a problem.  Hopefully some bridges can be crossed and we can get a legitimate fight later this summer or fall for the kingpin of the middleweight division.  Boxing fans deserve to see that.


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