The New Faces of Stormfall

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With the conclusion of Project Jericho, it’s time to move on and get ready for the upcoming Stormfall release this summer (July 5th).  Today I’m going to introduce you to some new faces who will be appearing in the book.  I mean, who doesn’t like new characters right?

Father Michael Reigart

Father Reigart is a new friend of Jericho’s and soon becomes his closest confidant.  Rumors followed him to Pacific Station that he might be a super, but that appears to be untrue.  The Father is strong in his beliefs and takes his vows seriously.  He’s a friend until the end, no matter what.

Shawn Jordan (aka Hammerspace)

A petty thief and burglar, Shawn is arrogant and sarcastic.  His power allows him to hide stuff in invisible pockets that surround him (much like hammerspace in classic video games).  Though on the wrong side of the law, Shawn seems squeamish at the thought of using deadly force and tries to wise guy himself out of most situations.  His loyalties are to money and nothing more.

Diana and Kim Krummel

This couple owns Krum’s Comics and Collectables.  What looks like just another store is actually a sanctuary of sorts for supers with less than stellar powers.  Though not supers themselves, the Krummels’ take in everyone and try their best to provide a safe haven for the powered community.  They may have ties to the SVIS, but nothing is confirmed.

*Four new characters, each with some questions that need to be answered.  In the coming weeks we’ll meet some more new faces and one of them just might have the power to change the world…



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