The Birth of a Villain

*Before you go any further, this post will contain tons of spoilers to The Negative Man: City of Chaos.  If you’d like to be surprised, don’t read this post until after you finished the book.

The Negative Man Promo

One of the questions I constantly get from readers and friends alike who read City of Chaos is how did I come up with The Negative Man.  Here we have a villain who is ruthless, cunning, yet ultimately charming and likable.


By now if you read the story you know the narrator Jericho Staley is none other than The Negative Man.  You probably bonded with him, fell for his easy, slightly nerdy charm, maybe even felt sorry for when he got his ass kicked by The Aces.  It was all a ploy.  Much like The Dark Lion, Heather Adams, and the myriad of other people he encountered, it was all a trap.  He wanted you to believe in him so when the hammer fell, you’d be crushed.

But were you?  Or did you agree with his methods, or did you see The Dark Lion as a failure?  That’s the perfect villain.  Some will hate that Jericho is the main antagonist so much they’ll swear I hoodwinked them.  Others loved the twist and felt an even greater connection to him.  Either way, that was the intent.  I took a regular old guy who everyone could relate to on one level or another and made him evil.

It started out as more of a joke.  Hey Jericho’s going to be the villain I told a few people.  They were like, it’ll never work.  You can’t make a villain who we fall for and don’t see coming.  I kept going though, taking a personality we see with a guy like Barry Allen per se and running with it.  Drop a subtle hint here or there that something’s off.  But wait, it can’t be Jericho, he’s just so damn nice.

Ultimately Jericho is The Negative Man, there ain’t no changing that.  In Stormfall we see more of his true personality shine through, a combination of the arrogance of NM along with the nerdy likability of Jericho.  It’s a fine line to walk – one that will hopefully continue to make you question what’s really going on in his head.

*Stormfall sale update!

stormfall cover

Speaking of The Negative Man, it appears he hacked my Amazon account again and put Stormfall’s price at just 99 cents.  Uhhhh.  Jump in on the savings before I change it back, if I can that is…


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