Flash Season Finale (Major Spoilers)


So, did you catch The Flash last night?  If not, back out of this blog immediately.  We won’t judge you for getting up and leaving quietly.  As for those of you who did – holy crap!  Barry and co. finished up the Zoom arc (with a not so surprising reveal) and then set up things for Season 3.  Let’s break it down.

The End of Zoom?

The one thing we know about characters getting iced is this – if we don’t see it, we don’t believe it.  With Barry using Zoom’s trick against him with the time remnant, he incurred the wrath of the time wraiths.  Unfortunately for Zoom, they were much more interested is taking him away.  So the final scene with our big bad is him being pulled away and growing older perhaps before disappearing into the Speed Force.

Do I think Zoom is dead?  Nope.  I have a sneaky suspicion they are keeping him in their back pocket to unleash him when the time is right.


“I’ll be back Barry Allen… maybe.”

The Real Jay Garrick

Last week they killed Barry’s dad.  Just when poor Mr. Allen could take no more loss, Henry was iced by Zoom.  To rub some salt in the wound, the guy in the iron mask was his dad’s E3 doppelganger Jay Garrick.  As a fan, it was awesome to see Shipp wearing The Flash costume again (and stealing Zoloman’s helmet in the process), but for Barry it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  From that moment on you saw a broken man with a bad idea formulating…


They’re going there.  One of the best written storylines in the comics was Flashpoint which gave us The New 52.  The showrunners are doing it.  First Barry saves his mom and then chaos.  As we’ve learned in both The Flash and LoT, screwing with time has a lot of bad consequences.  We saw the first one already, Thawne is alive.  How will that play out?  And don’t forget by doing that, he may have ultimately saved Zoom in the process, as his battle with him may never happen.  I have a very bad feeling that Barry’s choice last night will do a lot more harm than good.  If we get a season about righting the timeline, I think we’re in for a real awesome year.

So that’s it about The Flash.  We have a long summer ahead of us, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to my (normal wrong) speculation this fall.


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