The Negative Man: City of Chaos (Chapter 11)

Before we get back to the action, you all know I’m a huge Flash fan.  Later this afternoon I’m going to put out a blog posting detailing everything from last night and my thoughts and feelings.  Come for The Negative Man, stay for The Flash.

The Negative Man Cover

Chapter 11 –

Saturday Night; Parking Lot


The invisible force controlled by Hearts picked me up again. Spades was making his way over, rather slowly with a bit of a robotic laugh.  I got the impression he was using a voice modulator to distort his true voice.  Jenkins, aka Clubs, was standing behind them, no emotion coming from the man.  Spades reached out and grabbed me by the shirt.

“Come now Dark Lion, don’t go soft on me! This is supposed to be an epic battle!”

I swung half-heartedly at him and my fist passed right through. This confirmed my suspicion he could ‘phase’ his body.  “I’m telling you I’m not The Dark Lion!  I don’t even know how you came to that conclusion!”

“Clubs has a special gift, as he can impart his mind into any computer and interact with them. He knows about the emails between you and Massacre!  The sooner you stop lying and fight back, the better this will get for all of us.”

He dropped me to the ground and I figured this was the end of the line for me. I took two more swings at Spades, but he just laughed as they harmlessly went through him.  He delivered a solid blow to the back of my head, followed up by a kick to the stomach.  The pain from the impact hadn’t even registered yet as my eyes bugged out of my head.

Again, Hearts used his powers to bring me back to a standing position. Spades didn’t seem amused this time.  “Clubs, is it possible we have the wrong man?”

The force of the last kick broke a rib and it was really hard to breathe. Each intake of air caused me so much pain.  Clubs came close and his eyes looked into mine.  He knew I knew who he was based on that.  “I don’t think this is The Dark Lion.  Jericho would’ve never been able to kill Diamonds based on what I’ve seen.”

The force holding me up immediately disappeared and I had to catch myself not to fall again. Jenkins had taken his mask off.  “Jericho, I apologize for this, but we had to be sure you weren’t The Dark Lion.”

I acted surprised. “Phil!  Phil Jenkins is Clubs…”

Spades pointed towards Hearts and then the van parked a little ways from us. Hearts ran over to it and started it up.  “I am sorry for what took place tonight Mr. Staley.  For now, get to a hospital and have that rib looked at, it punctured a lung.”

Hearts pulled up close and Clubs and Spades got in the back. Phil looked back one last time and gave me a short, quick nod before shutting the van door.  Then they sped off, into the night.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone.  I dialed Heather’s number, not DL’s.

The phone rang twice before she picked up. There was loud music in the background, which told me she was probably at a club downtown.  “Jericho!”  Her voice was loud to compensate.  “How did it go with that nerd Jenkins?”

“I got jumped in the parking lot by The Aces…” It was really painful to talk.  “I need help…”  I coughed harshly into the receiver.

“Jericho?! Are you okay?”

I tried to talk again, but I dropped the phone to clutch my ribs. All I wanted to do was lay on the cold, hard concrete, hoping that would relieve the pain.  I was so surprised that no one had come through this area yet.  Something was really off about the area as a whole.

Maybe fifteen minutes went by before a car’s headlights broke me out of my stupor. I crawled out between the cars and lifted myself up on a fairly nice sports car.  I recognized the car immediately as Heather’s.  She came to a quick stop and got out.  “Jericho!  Oh my God!  Are you okay?”

“Never been better…”

Her arms wrapped around my body. For such a thin girl, she was very strong.  The back door was already open and she guided me down on to the leather backseats.  As soon as I was comfortable, she was back on the phone.  “Yes this is an emergency!  My boyfriend was just attacked by The Aces!  I’m taking him to Heights General right now!”

The car ride was fast and frantic as two police cruisers joined Heather on the ride in. As soon as we made it, EMT’s rushed to the side of the car to strap me into a gurney.  Soon doctors were at my side, hooking IV’s up to me and directing nurses what fluids to put in.

I guess the head doctor made an appearance. “Room 1610 is open!  It’s the one beside Martinez!  Hurry!”

As soon as we made it into the room they plugged up a monitor and attached it, got me on oxygen, and got the pain meds flowing. I just wanted to rest, so I closed my eyes…

A sharp zapping noise brought me back to reality. Electrical arcs were coming out of the wall socket right behind me.  The doctors and nurses scattered, leaving me to my fate.  However, none of the arcs hit me and as quickly as they came, they were gone.  All the machinery was fried and left the staff in a panic.

They scrambled, trying to get more equipment in to help me. Two doctors were talking in hushed voices when again the electrical arcs came back.  This time one hit me in the chest and all the air building up inside me was expelled.  I felt like a balloon being deflated.

“It has to be The Negative Man! He’s here attacking this man!”

“No Doctor! Not this man, but the patient in the room behind us!”

The doctor and nurse hurried from the room. In the chaos I guess no one cared that my prone body was just electrocuted.  I continued to lay there as hospital staff ran by my room and into the one behind me.  Sparks of electricity continued to spark, as did screams as people tried to help the person behind me.

The television came to life in my room. The white eyes and inverted image of The Negative Man was there, laughing in his booming voice.  “It is too late to save Deputy Mayor Ian Martinez…  He deserved his fate, as he was a coward and a crook.”

The television cut off, only to return a moment later. “Pacific Heights, you are on trial.  Consider me the judge, jury, and executioner.  Your fate is in your hands…”  And once again the television went dead.

Heather came tearing into my room. Throwing herself on me, which was both nice but incredibly painful, “They told me you were dead!”

I couldn’t talk, as I still had all the random contraptions hooked up to me, but I poked her in the head a few times until she saw my grimace and jumped up. “Oh God, I’m so sorry!”

A doctor returned to my room, “Mr. Staley, words fail me. In our haste to get to Mr. Martinez, we completely left you in the dark.  Nurses!  In here immediately.”

The nurses who began to flow in and out of my room were loose with information. Deputy Mayor Martinez, who was here for a double bypass, was fried to death.  Police had the building surrounded but no one spotted The Negative Man coming or going.  Two officers were posted outside my door at Heather’s request.  I couldn’t convey the message that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What baffled my doctor even more was that the electricity that hit me actually may have saved my life. It expelled all the air that was building in my lung.  With so much of the hospital in disarray, I was left to my own devices and hopefully would begin healing.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt a lot better but was still in rough shape. Heather was sitting in the visitor’s chair, looking at me.  “Rise and shine.”

My throat was dry and raspy, but I had to thank her. “Thanks for rescuing me.”

“I’m just glad you’re alive! Why don’t we get you out of here and get you home?”

I didn’t know if she could make that happen, but that sounded fantastic. “Whatever you say boss.”


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