Coverage of the RNC (Day 1)

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Man, talk about getting the short end of the stick.  When I was given this assignment, I thought I was covering the Bud Light Party’s National Convention, not this.  Well, as a professional something or other, I have the assignment, so I’m going to run with it.  Here are my three takeaways from last night.

Stephen Colbert is Awesome

Showing up looking like a cast off from The Hunger Games, this was by far the highlight of the convention.  He was only up there for a minute before security busted him, but I remember more of what he said than anyone else.  If you haven’t seen it, get over to YouTube before someone takes it down and sends Colbert out to District 13.

Lots, and Lots, and Lots, and Lots of People Spoke

If someone tells you they listened to every speaker last night, they are either:

  • Lying to you to sound informed
  • A masochist who enjoys torture
  • Related to the Trump family

I know I’m not very political, but man, I just lost interest after Rudy.  Actually I lost interest before him too, but that’s neither here nor there.  Still, lots of people took the time to speak on behalf of Trump and there’s going to be a lot more today.  Can I pawn this assignment off on Jeff or Jack?

The Republican Party IS NOT United

Nothing says unity quite like an attempted coup de tat at the beginning of the proceedings, does it?  The thing is, the people who were trying to bring about a floor vote probably were on to something.  Either way, it was squashed, yet the lingering taste still remains after day 1.  Let’s be honest people, the time and place to sink the Good Ship Trump was months ago and that failed.  Bon voyage everyone and look out for icebergs.


Hopefully baby Jakson is born this week so I have a very good excuse to stop covering this.  Politics (like foosball) are the Devil!  Oh yeah, visit the Two Dudes’ website at



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2 Responses to Coverage of the RNC (Day 1)

  1. jefftrel says:

    I think I’m going to copy and paste this article and pass it off as my own. I mean it worked for Mrs. Trump, right?

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